WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 Controls Manual for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

Developer Visual Concept and publisher 2K has finally released their newest installment for the WWE 2K series, the WWE 2K22. Just like the previous title, players will be getting a lot of intense actions in WWE 2K22. Some players are already familiar with the in-game controls, especially when they played the old game, but how about the other players who are just getting started in the game?

So in this guide, we will be showing you the complete list of the WWE 2K22 controls for PC, PlayStation version, and Xbox version. Hopefully, this WWE 2K22 guide will help you become the greatest wrestler in the game.

WWE 2K22 Controls

To start off this guide, here are the default WWE 2K22 PC controls.

Wake Up Taunt1
Taunt Crowd2
Taunt Opponent3
MovementW A S D
RunLeft Shift (Hold)
Change TargetC
Irish WhipW A S D + L
BlockI (Hold)
Light AttackJ
Heavy Attack / PinK / Left Ctrl + K
Pick Up ObjectU
Reposition OpponentLeft Ctrl + L
Left Ctrl + I
Left Ctrl + J
PaybackSpacebar + I
SubmissionSpacebar + L
SignatureSpacebar + J
FinisherSpacebar + K
WWE 2K22 PC Controls

Here are the basic WWE 2K22 controls for the PlayStation and Xbox versions.

Pick Up ObjectL1LB
MovementLeft StickLeft Stick
Wake Up TauntD-Pad UpD-Pad Up
Crowd TauntD-Pad LeftD-Pad Left
Opponent TauntD-Pad RightD-Pad Right
Dodge / ClimbR1RB
Reversal / Block (Hold)TriangleY
Heavy AttackCrossA
Light AttackSquareX
PaybackR2 + TriangleRT + Y
SubmissionR2 + CircleRT + B
SignatureR2 + SquareRT + X
FinisherR2 + CrossRT + A
Change TargetR3R3
PinRight Stick DownRight Stick Down
Reposition OpponentRight Stick Left / Right / UpRight Stick Left / Right / Up
PauseOptions ButtonMenu Button
Display Current Target / Swap Team MemberTouchpadView Button
WWE 2K22 Controls for PlayStation and Xbox

And that’s all of the default basic WWE 2K22 controls for both PC and consoles. For those who are looking for grabs, dragging, and other advanced controls, make sure to check this guide. Also, if you’re currently having several issues on your PC such as crashing and FPS drop, feel free to check our WWE 2K22 troubleshooting guide.

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