XCOM 2: Alien Hunters

XCOM 2: Alien Hunters DLC Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how to get the 100% achievement in XCOM 2: Alien Hunters. If you’re one of the players who own this XCOM 2 DLC and want to obtain all the newly added achievements, feel free to check the guide below.

XCOM 2: Alien Hunters Achievement Guide

A Forbidden Experiment – Investigate the Abandoned Research Facility (Secret)

  • The Abandoned Research Facility mission is part of the Alien Hunters DLC narrative. You can only get the chance to activate it when activating the DLC and not integrating it into WotC. While scanning for a weapons cache, the investigation site will appear. You can opt to set back the mission indefinitely, the site will remain indefinitely. On that mission, the Ranger character of Bradford is joining you.

Viper Vanquisher – Kill the Viper Ruler

  • The Viper King if the first of the Rulers to appear normally in the mission for ‘A Forbidden Experiment’. The unit itself is (like the other Rulers) extremely powerful because of its ability to react to every move (not turn!) you make. Rulers tend to run away and portal themselves out of trouble if they get a decent amount of damage, so you have to nail him down with well-placed attacks, saving your most intense actions for to catch him while he’s running. Frost Bomb and Stasis work well, but only take away some of his reactions, not turns (!). As the Rulers are DNA manipulated beings, some special weapons from the AR cache will help greatly.

Berserker Breaker – Kill the Berserker Ruler

  • The Berserker Queen is the second Ruler. Kill her like the Viper Ruler, same rules (no pun intended) apply.

Archon Annihilator – Kill the Archon Ruler

  • The Archon King is the third Ruler with the most HP, but also has an upgraded version of the Blazing Pinions ability that will drive you mad. Kill him before he can escape. Same rules apply as well.

Kingslayer – Kill all alien rulers in a single game

  • If you defeat all three Rulers in a campaign setting, you will get this achievement. You don’t have to kill them the first time you encounter them, and damage done to them will carry over to the next encounter, so you can slowly whittle them down.

Deadly Arsenal – Purchase all of the final tier Hunter Weapons

  • There are three upgradable Hunter Weapons: Bolt Caster (Assault Rifle), Shadowkeeper (Pistol), Hunter’s Axe (Melee). Upgrade them individually in Engineering when you have researched a new level of weapons. You will have Plasma Bolt Caster, Powered Shadowkeeper and Fusion Axe. After the last upgrade, you will gain the achievement immediately.

Now I Am The Master – Use all ruler armor abilities in a single mission

  • You must have achieved ‘Kingslayer’ (thus eliminated all three Rulers), have them autopsied and create all three ruler armors from the Proving Grounds, which all have one special standalone ability. These armors can exist only once, so be careful not to lose them on a dead soldier in a mission. The Serpent Suit (Viper King) has Frostbite, the R.A.G.E. Suit (Berserker Queen) has Rage Strike, and the Icarus Armor (Archon King) has Icarus Jump. Perform all three actions in a single mission (so you have to equip all 3 armors on 3 soldiers), where the Frostbite and Rage Strike have to hit the target. As Rage Strike can only be used once per mission, if you didn’t hit, try the next mission.

Enemy Adopted – Use a ruler armor ability against an alien ruler

  • As you can only use the Serpent Suit or the R.A.G.E. Suit “against” a unit, you have to kill one of the corresponding Rulers first, to try that suit against the other two. You have to successfully hit the Ruler with the ability.

Regicide – Kill an alien ruler the first time you encounter it

  • You only have three chances to do that, one for every ruler that you encounter, as you can only get first impressions once, right? As you can delay the DLC mission and prepare for that, and the setup in that mission is partly helpful (elevated position), you might want to try on the Viper King. You have to stop the Ruler from using the portal, overwatch shots can be set when you discover the Ruler, then take it away with your biggest guns – or stopping abilities so he can’t run. A well-placed mine beforehand will also add to the damage.

Not Throwing Away My Shot – Kill an alien ruler while it attempts to escape

  • “…while it attempts…” means it is the Ruler’s turn, and he already opened up the escape portal and is now on its way towards it. Only if he would be able to reach and use the portal will a kill count (if you hindered him with fire or other environmental means to get there in one move, it won’t help). There are some ways to do that, Overwatch at the front, but also a well-placed Ranger with Bladestorm can do the trick.

And that’s everything for this XCOM 2: Alien Hunters achievement guide. For those who haven’t obtained all the achievement in the base game, feel free to check this guide.

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