Xiaomi Launches Mi Boost Pro Power Bank with 30000mAh and 18W Charging Support

Earlier this year, Xiaomi started crowdfunding in India for the launch of the Mi Boost Pro Power Bank 30000mAh, the campaign lasted 15 days and exceeded expectations. After this success, the company announced that it will officially start selling its new power bank in India.

The device, as the name says, has a capacity of 30,000mAh and supports charging with a maximum of 18W, even having a port with 24W, but which only serves to charge the device itself. The Mi Boost Pro Power Bank also supports the technology USB PD (Power Delivery) 3.0 and has a charging mode “low” for some accessories.

The crowdfunding campaign carried out by Xiaomi for the model started in late March, it had a somewhat modest goal of selling 5,000 units. But, after the 15-day campaign ended, the device was financed by 6,393 people and supported by another 6,178 users.

Mi Boost Pro Power Bank

For those interested in supporting the device still in the campaign, the company made a “buddy price” of INR 1,999, approximately $27 USD in direct conversion. In addition, Xiaomi has also dispatched the Mi Boost Pro Power Bank 30000mAh from these supporters.

With this, the company is now releasing the sale of the model to other users, but with a slightly higher price, costing INR 2,299, approximately $31 USD. In practice, Xiaomi’s new power bank is just a relaunch of  Mi Power Bank 3 30000mAh, coming with the same specifications and look.

In addition to the specifications mentioned above, the Mi Boost Pro Power Bank 30000mAh has two USB Type-A ports, which will be used only for charging other devices, a USB Type-C port, used both for external devices and to charge the power bank itself, and a MicroUSB, which is used only to charge the device.

The device is currently on sale only in India, though the company’s official store and some partner stores, and is found only in black and weighs 640g, with measures of 154.5 x 72.3 x 38.9 mm.

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