Yes, Your Grace Xbox One

Yes, Your Grace Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer Brave at Night and publisher No More Robots have released the official Yes, Your Grace trophy list and guides for Xbox One.

In Yes, Your Grace, players will be collecting 35 achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore. There is no secret or hidden achievements that can be found in Yes, Your Grace. Check out the full Yes, Your Grace achievements for Xbox One below.

Yes, Your Grace Achievements

Hey there, little one.Pick a nickname for Cedani.5
Just don't hurt yourself!Practice sword fighting with Asalia for the first time.5
Cold heart.Tell Lorsulia she will be fine, instead of "I Love You".5
Ooof, what's that smell?Pet Dusty three times.5
This couldn't end well.Get through the wedding night.20
Let's throw a party!Buy all upgrades for wedding.40
A fine saddle for a hedgehog.Buy a rooster for Cedani.10
Little help goes a long way.Help Stefan.10
I have a business.Invest in Tavern business.10
I'm an... entrepreneur! (Secret)Turn the Tavern into a... Public house.10
I believe in magic.Buy all gemstones from fortune teller.25
Empty walls.Sell all paintings from the castle.15
Fandustic! (Secret)Help Lord Etton with his Dust trade.30
It's time for Magic!Unlock Witch.10
Keep the monsters at bay.Unlock Hunter.10
I'm a King and a detective!Find all evidence and clues for Royal Trial.40
Thank you, old friend. (Secret)Audry takes the blame during the Royal Trial.40
I will show him! (Secret)Confront Ivo.30
I've got this.Buy all upgrades for Radovian Battle.50
This was... tough.Win battle against Radovia.60
The one I love.Give Aurelea a gift.10
Nothing can stop love. (Secret)Let Asalia run away with Maya.30
Whatever it takes. (Secret)Make Asalia marry Varid.30
Got to help where we can.Help all Radovians.45
They're nothing but barbarians.Refuse all Radovians.45
Farewell, my daughter. (Secret)Say Goodbye to Lorsulia.25
Prepared for the worst. (Secret)Buy all upgrades for the Siege.60
Master of Dark Magic. (Secret)Flawlessly complete the Dark Ritual.50
Arrrgghh! (Secret)Bear saved Cedani.50
Family matters. (Secret)Don't lose Aurelea or Cedani.70
Mad King. (Secret)Make Asalia marry Varid, let Aurelea die, kill the deserter, kill Lord Jovan, kill Beyran, kill Rado40
The pay's too short.Run out of gold.5
We won't eat tonight.Run out of supplies.5
I don't need people... oh wait.Hit zero villager contentment.5
Yes, Your Grace.Complete the game.100

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