Youmandriver Controls and Shortcuts


Love playing racing and driving simulation games? Then you have to try Youmandriver. But unlike any other driving simulation game, Youmandriver comes with a lot of excitement. With the promising vehicle physics, you surely don’t want to miss playing this game.

For players who want to take the driver seat, make sure that you’re fully aware of the default Youmandriver controls. This page will show you the full list of controls that you should know in the game.

Youmandriver controls

Before we continue, please note that you can change and remap these default Youmandriver key bindings and shortcuts.

For the gearbox controls:

AccelerateUp Arrow
BrakeDown Arrow
ClutchLeft Shift
Turn LeftLeft Arrow
Turn RightRight Arrow
Gear DownPage Down
Gear UpPage Up
1st Gear1
2nd Gear2
3rd Gear3
4th Gear4
5th Gear5
6th Gear6
7th Gear7
Gas Engine On/OffS
Autopilot On/OffA
Electric Engine On/OffE
Jet Engine On/OffJ
Jet Engine Full ThrottleK
Minimap ($1/Second)M
Minimap + Vehicles ($2/Second)P
Stop Nearest AI in FrontF
Stop Nearest AI Same WayG
Stop AI Under ViewfinderB
Take ControlN
Next CameraC
Next Ext. CameraX
Camera HoodF1
Camera BumperF2
Camera CockpitF3
Camera WheelF4
Tracking DroneF5
Kinematic DroneF6
Controllable Drone (RMB)F7
Road CamerasF8
Back to Menu (Validates the Result)R
Pause / OptionsEsc
NextUp Arrow
PreviousDown Arrow
Show / Hide HelpH
Youmandriver Controls

With all the listed Youmandriver controls above, you’re now ready to become the fastest and craziest driver in the game. Good luck, Speedster!