Z1 Battle Royale Is The New Face of H1Z1

Following the changes in the development team of the battle royale game H1Z1, its name will soon change from H1Z1 (PC version) to Z1 Battle Royale.

Along with the change name of the game is the new update which is focused to improve the overall gameplay especially when it comes to matchmaking time and weapon adjustments.

According to the recent patch that was released last week, the new update brings major changes to weapons including AK-47, AR-15, M-9, and Shotgun. Some of the changes that were implemented on these weapons are bullet speed, fire rate, recoil, and more.

For the matchmaking matters,  it seems like the new update will bring a shorter waiting time for every ranked match. In addition, the new update also disables the spawn locations for solo, duo, and five-team matches. However, the feature is still available for hosted matches.

To make it even more competitive, the new dev team also adjusted the time to afternoon, making it brighter and spotting enemies will be easier than before. Lastly, new splash screen, weapon, and skins are added to the game. Minor visual adjustments were also made.

If you’re interested to read the full patch update, make sure to check this link.

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