At Game N Guides, we strive to cover an extensive range of topics that we believe are valuable to our readers. Our primary focus is on areas that relate to gaming, technology, and various entertainment niches. When you explore our website, you will come across two tags: Original and Curated. These tags help to distinguish between content created by our in-house team (Original) and content sourced from external sources (Curated).


The Original tag (highlighted in blue) signifies that the article was created by Game N Guides’ in-house team, covering topics like video game guides, news, and other relevant content. Occasionally, we may incorporate information from external sources and give them due credit by providing source links at the end of the post.


The articles under the Curated tag (highlighted in red) are a collection of content from various sources. Our Game N Guides team may edit these articles. However, since they were not originally authored by us, we ensure that proper credit and a link to the original publication are provided. In case the original author sends a takedown request, we promptly remove the posts from our website.