Game N Guides covers almost every topic that we believe is important to share. However, we are most focused on topics related to gaming, technology, and several entertainment niches. As you browse through our site, you will notice two tags: Original and Curated. But what are these tags all about?


The Original tag (marked in blue) indicates articles originally written by Game N Guides staff. This includes video game guides, news, and more. You may also see some credited sources if the articles were based on external sites. The credit source links are usually found at the bottom of the post.


The Curated tag (marked in red) contains articles gathered from several sources. These articles may be edited by the staff of Game N Guides. Since these kinds of articles were originally written by someone else, we always put credits and a link going to the original publication. If we receive a takedown request from the original author, we will immediately remove these posts from our site.