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Dr. Stone Sees Suika Recreates Revival Fluid, Grown-Up Suika Revealed

The bloody fight against Xeno and Stanley has finally been concluded after the second wave of global petrification. Unlike the first petrification, Senku and the Kingdom of Science has


Dr. STONE Chapter 197 Release Date, Discussions, and Predictions

In Chapter 196, there has been a lot of development for the first human that has been revived after the fight against Xeno and his people. Being alone in


Save Up to 50% on these Discounted Nintendo Switch AAA Games

With the ongoing lockdown all over the world, Amazon has been giving a lot of discounts on some video game products on their website. For Nintendo Switch players who


One Piece Sees Ulti vs Big Mom’s Destructive Homies Fusion Attack

Manga creator Eiichiro Oda has been doing a really great job with his masterpiece. The One Piece manga has been getting intense as we are getting close to the


My Hero Academia Reveals Lady Nagant’s Quirk and Crazy Abilities

Boku no Hero Academia is really getting more intense following the AFO’s prison break along with the other criminals. The city became restless after this awful incident and the


My Hero Academia Chapter 312 Spoilers, Release Date: Deku’s New Opponent

Kohei Horikoshi has just released the newest chapter for the Boku no Hero Academia manga series. After the cliffhanger in the last chapter, manga fans have witnessed the continuation


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