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Boodunnit Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get 100% achievement in Boodunnit. If you’re one of the players trying to obtain


You’re Under Arrest! Achievement – Boodunnit

You’re under arrest! When possessing a cop, try to talk to vincent How to Unlock You’re under arrest! Achievement As much as I know, Vincent is


I am Julia Lawson Achievement – Boodunnit

I am Julia Lawson Complete Boodunnit?! How to Unlock I am Julia Lawson Achievement Level: Town Once you have collected all clues, go to your


Private Detective Achievement – Boodunnit

Private Detective Collect all clues in the game How to Unlock Private Detective Achievement You just have to collect all clues. They are: Broken Flower


Piece of Cake Achievement – Boodunnit

Piece of Cake Collect the Cake clue How to Unlock Piece of Cake Achievement Level: Cemetery On the second visit to the cemetery, a closed-door


Under Construction, Literally Achievement – Boodunnit

Under construction, Literally Collect the Hard hat clue How to Unlock Under Construction, Literally Achievement For this achievement, you have to go back to the


Butchering Business Achievement – Boodunnit

Butchering Business Collect the Knife clue How to Unlock Butchering Business Achievement One more achievement that requires you to use multiply animals. Get the pigeon on


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