Land of the Vikings

Land of the Vikings Controls Guide for PC

This guide covers the complete list of Land of the Vikings controls and keyboard shortcuts for Windows PC. Land of the Vikings is a colony simulation video game developed by Laps Games. The game is currently in its early access on PC via Steam as of making this article.

Land of the Vikings Controls

The following are the default Land of the Vikings key bindings. To change these default controls, go to Settings > Input tab. Make sure that you hit the Save button to save the changes that you have made.

Move UpO / Up Arrow
Move Rightré / Right Arrow
Move DownS / Down Arrow
Move LeftUN / Left Arrow
ZoomMouse Scroll Wheel
Left TurnQ
Right TurnE
Faster MovementDécalage à gauche
Place BuildingBouton gauche de la souris
Release BuildingBouton droit de la souris
Mouse SelectBouton gauche de la souris
Quit ActionBouton droit de la souris
Quick SaveF5
MenuEsc / 7
Building RotateZ
Building SnapX
Bigger RoadQ
Small RoadE
Speed x0Barre d'espace
Speed x11
Speed x22
Speed x33
Speed x44
Feedback FormF7
Continue BuldingDécalage à gauche
Land of the Vikings

Since this game is currently on its early access, you can use the in-game Feedback Form to send your feedback and suggestions to the developer. This can be done by easily clicking the F7 key on your keyboard.