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Eternal Evil Controls Guide per PC

This page offers the complete list of Eternal Evil keyboard and mouse controls for Windows PC. Eternal Evil is an FPS survival-horror video game developed and published by Honor Games. Since its release on November 1, 2022, the game has received a lot of positive responses from the community. If you’re one of the players who are just getting started, this guide is one of the best things that you should be looking for.

Eternal Evil Controls

The following are the default Eternal Evil key bindings. You can change these default controls by going to Settings > Input > Key Mapping option.

Vai avantiW
Tornare indietroS
Muovere a sinistraUN
Vai a destraD
Giro veloceAlt
Apri InventarioScheda
Quick Slot AccessPulsante centrale del mouse
Grab ItemC
Apri mappaM
ScopoPulsante destro del mouse
SparareTasto sinistro del mouse
LaserBarra spaziatrice
Torcia elettricaF
Lower the Weaponv
Check the BulletsQ
Menù di pausaEsc
Eternal Evil Controls

Oltre al supporto per mouse e tastiera, the developer of the game has also confirmed that Eternal Evil has full controller support. Buona fortuna!