AMD Athlon 220GE and 240GE

AMD Launches Athlon 220GE and 240GE Processors With Vega Graphics

All hail budget pc gamers! AMD has released two new Athlon CPU's equipped with the famous Radeon Vega graphics. These two new CPU's are Athlon...
DuckDuckGo Privacy Research

DuckDuckGo Discovers That You’re Still Being Tracked Even In Incognito Mode

You think you're safe if you're using the incognito mode when browsing? It turns out that you're still being tracked by Google, according to...
Epic Games Store

Epic Games Is Launching Its Own Online Game Store

Fortnite developer Epic Games has announced earlier today that they are opening their own online store. Once launched, the Epic Games store will become...
PS Now December Subscription Discount

Sony Giving a 20% Discount For PS Now Subscription

We're getting close to the most wonderful time of the year and to celebrate its arrival, Sony is giving a 20% discount to a 12-month PS Now subscription. From its...
Nintendo Creators Program Shutting Down

Nintendo Is Shutting Down Its Creators Program In December

Nintendo has announced that they will be terminating the Nintendo Creators Program next month. The Creators Program will no longer be effective at the...
Nintendo Switch Breaks Record

Nintendo Switch Breaks Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Record

Nintendo Switch is one good handheld console, but knowing that it breaks the Nintendo sales record in the US during the holiday last week...
PlayStation Plus Discount

How To Get 50% Discount For a 12 Month PlayStation Plus Subscription

Black Friday and Cyber Monday for this year are just around the corner. And for many internet geek fans, it's the best time to...
PlayStation Classic Pre-Installed Games

Sony Reveals The Pre-Installed Games For The PlayStation Classic

It's not yet throwback Thursday, but Sony already reveals the 20 classic games that will be available in the upcoming PlayStation Classic. If you're a...
PSN Name Change

Sony Warned Their Users About The Risks of Changing The PSN ID

The PS4 name change is officially coming, and last week, Sony began sending invites to select participants of the PSN Name Change feature. While...
Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse Support

Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse Support Preview Starts With Warframe

Initially announced last month, Microsoft's Xbox One keyboard and mouse support preview has been released on Xbox Insider Hub. Since this is the first...

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