15 Must-Have Items In Sons Of The Forest

This guide will demonstrate the method to obtain the most crucial items. Please feel free to provide feedback and/or suggestions.

The GPS Tracker and Pistol

You can locate the GPS tracker on the liferaft in the water. By swimming up to it and climbing onto the raft, you can find several items, such as a pistol and the GPS tracker. The location of the liferaft is identifiable as it is one of the highlighted areas in the water.

The Rebreather

The cave is situated near the starting location, and can be easily located using the GPS system. Once you enter the cave, take some time to explore the area before proceeding further, paying attention to the left side. The taser can be found on the right, but if you continue to the end of the cave on the left, you will find it.

The Zipline gun

To obtain the Zipline gun, head north to the helicopter crash site, which is also your starting point. The first cave you encounter is located near two tents and a small water pond.

The Modern axe

The Modern Axe location can be found by checking your GPS and heading to the area between the three nearby blimp sites, closer to the winter location and next to two caves. Look for a few tents where the Modern Axe is hidden inside a body. It may take around 15 minutes to reach from the starting point. However, be cautious of cannibals in the area. The Modern Axe is a powerful weapon that inflicts more damage but is slower than other options for attacking enemies or trees.

The Flashlight

To obtain the flashlight, head to the three blimping locations indicated on the GPS and look for the one closest to a cave. Once there, locate a man hanging from a rope and cut it down from the top. Then, descend to the bottom and retrieve the flashlight.

The Taser

The taser can be easily found at the nearest cave from the spawn location. Proceed towards the right side of the cave and continue until you reach its end. At the end, you will spot a man hanging with a taser placed near him.

The Revolver

To obtain the revolver, you need to dig up the golf course until you uncover a hatch. The hatch will lead you to the location of the revolver.

The Modern Axe

The Modern Axe can be located in a specific area where it can be seen stuck in a person’s body.

The Fireaxe

After acquiring the shovel, the next step in the story is quite self-evident. Refer to the locations marked on the map and head there to retrieve the keycard and fire axe.

The Keycards

As mentioned in the section for obtaining the FIREAXE, you will also find the maintenance keycard in the same location. With this keycard, you will have access to unlock various things.

The Machete

The machete, also known as the ‘kukri’, can be easily found near the spawn point, as shown in the picture. It only takes about 2 minutes of walking or running to reach it. Look for something protruding out of a boat. While the machete is a quick weapon, it doesn’t do as much damage as the axe.

The Shotgun

After obtaining the keycards, the doors to the bunkers can be unlocked. It is recommended to explore and discover the secrets within, so not much will be spoiled. However, when reaching a certain point on the beach, opening the bunker door will reveal some interesting findings.

The Shovel

The cave can be found with relative ease, but keep in mind that it’s not an easy task. There are dangerous creatures lurking within, so it’s best to come prepared with items such as batteries, frag grenades, or Molotov cocktails. Weapons like guns are also recommended. It’s important to take caution and proceed slowly, especially if going alone as it can be quite challenging.

The Katana

To find the Katana, head to the lake and search for a bunker. Explore each room until you come across a stand in the living room, next to the couches. The Katana should be placed there.

The Golden Armor

You can also find the golden armor in the same location as the Katana. Just explore the different rooms until you come across it. Keep in mind that you’ll need this armor to progress to the game’s final section.

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