20 Minutes Till Dawn – Electrical Infinite Crossbow Build

Every other spark build focuses completely on her ability, but this one literally maxes out the ability and has you do a lot of damage.

Required Abilities

The abilities you need are:

  • Big shot
  • Light bullets
  • Splinter
  • Double shot
  • Fan fire
  • Split fire
  • Electro mage
  • Energized
  • Electro mastery

You don’t really need every single ability, although you will preform best with all of these. You will also want to get tome of rage for the lightning.

How to Works

Due to the crossbow only having 1 bolt, abilities that only occur on the last round fired happen immediately. With fan fire, it shoots an additional 10 bullets, and because of that, energized will always be active. You can add to fan the fire with a splinter, and that will allow you to spam crossbow instead of waiting a second. With fan fire, split fire, double shot, and splinter you can always have the lightning activated too. The crossbow does 20 damage, but with the bigshot, it can do about 30 damage, and combined with all of the lightning it will completely kill every enemy in sight. I can’t exactly remember anything else that I did so I will just end it here, try this out and see if you like it because this took a while to think of.

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