20 Tips and Tricks for New Eternium Players

Having learned some valuable lessons the hard way, I hope these tips will prevent new players from making the same mistakes:

  1. Avoid using gems (the currency) to purchase gold. The exchange rate is exorbitant, such as 5 gems for 2,500 gold or 50 gems for 25,000 gold. While this may seem like a substantial amount to new players, crafting unique and set items can cost over 250,000 gold, quickly depleting your gem stockpile.
  2. Refrain from wasting resources on crafting until you are ready to venture beyond the campaign and engage in PvP and Trials. During the campaign, you’ll come across plenty of equipment, but its effectiveness diminishes as you and your enemies level up. Thus, it is not advisable to craft items below level 70. Instead, focus on accumulating resources for more valuable gear.
  3. Be cautious when using gems in “A New Beginning” event unless you are confident in meeting the deadline and completing tasks. Otherwise, you will lose gems without gaining any rewards. This approach only becomes worthwhile if you can accomplish the tasks, earn rewards, and reach champion levels to transfer progress to your main hero after the event concludes. Additionally, try to avoid excessive crafting during the event to maximize the transfer of resources and equipment to your main character.
  4. Preserve gems instead of selling them. Create a dedicated storage section, arranged from smallest to largest gems. Eventually, you can combine them into larger gems with increased potency compared to lower-ranked gems.
  5. In the early game, consider minimizing the use of jewelry crafting due to its high cost and the random selection of stats in the end product. Obtaining desired stats can be expensive.
  6. Once you have sufficient resources, craft gear that increases experience points (XP%) to use in Trials. Progress as far as possible to gain maximum XP, rather than aiming to compete with others. Champion levels provide significant additional points for various attributes like haste, power, and critical rating. By maximizing these attributes (excluding power, which has no cap), you enhance your power and equip yourself for greater success in Trials and the PvP arena.
  7. Similarly, once you have enough resources, craft gear that increases gold acquisition (gold %). Accumulating a substantial amount of gold is crucial since it serves as a secondary currency extensively used throughout the game.

The reason for crafting XP and gold-boosting gear separately is that using one slot each for both gold and XP limits the inclusion of more valuable attributes such as armor, vitality, and power. Neglecting these attributes can hinder your progress in Trials, resulting in lower XP gain per run. (No one wants to complete a trial a hundred times just to gain one level!)

  1. Initially, avoid engaging in the PvP arena until you have at least epic-level gear. If you do wish to participate, try selecting opponents who are equal to or lower than your level. Going up against higher-level heroes with better gear usually leads to defeat.
  2. Save your gems for the legendary crafter’s crate, as you will require ample resources to craft legendary-level gear. Acquiring the 200% XP and gold boost is also beneficial and can be stacked with your XP and gold farming gear.
  3. Never open loot chests that require gems to unlock. They are not worth it and offer poor value in terms of gear, gold, and resources. Instead, consider purchasing a crafter pack, where you are more likely to obtain better weapons, armor, or unique resources. Crafting your own items also grants crafter’s XP, providing vital perks for obtaining good stats on weapons and armor.
  4. One slot to increase your abilities, passives, and powers is sufficient. Avoid wasting 400 gems on unlocking a second slot, and the cost for a third slot is unknown as I never unlocked the second slot. Unlocking additional slots is a significant gem expense that could be better allocated toward crafting components and actual crafting.
  5. Exercise patience when upgrading your abilities, powers, and passives. As you progress, the gem costs for upgrades become increasingly expensive. Initially, the ratios may seem favorable, but I recommend not exceeding 25 gems per ability, power, or passive. If you lack the patience to wait for skill upgrades, you may have to resort to paying real money for gems to speed up the leveling process.

Both tips 11 and 12 require time and patience. If you are lacking either, you may find yourself spending real money. While I don’t discourage supporting the developers, who have managed to strike a balance between generating revenue and providing players with a free grinding experience, these tips can help you progress without significant monetary investment.

  1. Avoid unlocking more inventory space on your hero than necessary. Personally, I only unlocked two additional lines, which proved sufficient to complete a single run in the campaign or trial without filling my inventory even halfway (even with gold/gem boosting consumables).
  2. Similarly, avoid unlocking more storage space than needed. I dedicate one “page” of storage to gems and the other to armor. The second “page” accommodates two complete sets of armor and accessories, while the third page is for my hero.
  3. Focus on building synergy with your hero, particularly for PvP and Trials. Experiment and discover which skills, abilities, and armor work harmoniously together. Finding the ideal powerhouse build may be challenging but worthwhile.
  4. Be mindful of your actions and plan your crafting wisely. Salvage unwanted or unnecessary equipment. Resources for crafting are valuable, and as you progress to the legendary crafting level, they become increasingly scarce. Remember that your resources will almost always be insufficient since you constantly need to craft gear with better stats and higher levels to advance in the PvP arena and Trials. Practice resource conservation.
  5. Refrain from directly transmuting/crafting essences unless absolutely necessary. If you have an adequate supply of lesser essences, the game will automatically notify you if you lack a specific component required for crafting. This feature allows you to craft the exact amount needed for your desired item, saving you from excessive crafting and potential wastage of gold or needless conversion between essences (which is the most expensive option).
  6. Avoid selling epic or legendary items to Mitzu. The meager amount of gold you receive (approximately 1,500 gold) is hardly worth it when crafting gear at the same level can cost upwards of 250,000 gold. Instead, salvage the gear if you don’t need it, as the resources obtained will be far more valuable for crafting your own gear.
  7. Resist buying weapons or armor from the blacksmith, as you will acquire plenty of gear throughout the game. Farming gear is more advantageous. Play and explore the game with your friends!
  8. Finally, remember to have fun! This is the most crucial tip I can offer to new players. I may have overlooked a few things throughout my journey, so this guide isn’t comprehensive. Feel free to share any additional tips or thoughts in the comments. This game can be incredibly addictive for those who enjoy this genre. I wish you the best of luck and a prosperous journey!”

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