8Doors: Arum’s Afterlife Adventure All Ending Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get all possible endings in 8Doors: Arum’s Afterlife Adventure. If you’re one of the players trying to experience all endings in the game, this one is for you.

8Doors: Arum’s Afterlife Adventure All Ending

There are three possible endings in the game. Below are the details on how you can get them.

Sad Ending

In order to get the sad ending, play through the game at your own pace but don’t kill all the optional bosses to pick up the Seven Reincarnation Flowers.

Mirror completion has no effect on this ending. In doing so, while you will defeat the end boss and find your father’s soul, he won’t be able to stay and you will have to return to the land of the living empty-handed.

Good Ending

To get a good ending of the game, you have to play through the game as normal and make sure you collect all seven Resurrection Flowers.

However, you must NOT find all of the memory cutscenes to complete the mirror in your Inventory.

With all seven flowers collected, but with a broken mirror, Arum and her father will return home on the boat with Charon. Her dad will be resurrected thanks to the powers of the flowers and they will live happily.

True Ending

In order to get the true ending, you must collect all seven of the Reincarnation Flowers and completely reform the mirror in your inventory.

The mirror fragments are found by watching cutscenes near each of the Keepers.

Cutscene Locations

  1. The first one you’re likely to find is in the Reincarnation Station. Interact with the vase next to the Reincarnation Station Chief for a cutscene.
  2. The second one is in the Crimson Mine’s area. Hit the lever over to the left in the Crimson Mines Keeper’s office.
  3. The third one is in the Dispatch Office on the Frozen Plateau. Check the top right corner of the room for a cutscene.
  4. With the Umbrella from the Frozen Plateau, you can access the Waterfall in the Misty Forest for the fourth memory. It’s in the massive room where you found the Misty Forest Keeper, to the left of the zone. Jump up onto some invisible platforms and let the moving one take you behind the waterfall, using the umbrella to pass through.
  5. The fifth one is on the upper level of the Control Center in the Underground Waterway. Check it out for a cutscene.
  6. The final memory is to the right of the Observatory, overlooking the repaired bridge. It looks like an astrolabe on a ledge.

With all six mirror fragments, the mirror will be restored, and you can get the True ending, revealing (kinda unclearly) who you really are: the Keeper of the Abundant Land.

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