A Hero's Rest

A Hero’s Rest Beginners Guide and Tips

A Hero’s Rest is one of the newest medieval fantasy simulation games released this year. The game was developed and published by Vanargand Games and has just entered early access. If you’re one of the new players in the game, this guide will give you some of the most important tips that you need to know before starting your journey.

1. Customization

When creating an item, you can press the arrow buttons at the top of the screen to switch the part that you are customizing. This is especially useful when creating armor, as it lets you change the color of all pieces at once to create a matching outfit.

2. Crafting Quests

When you craft quests, you start out by deciding if you want to send your heroes on a Gather or a Slay quest.

  • Gather Quests will give you lower rewards but come at a lower CR requirement.
  • Slay Quest requires a higher CR but in turn, provides more resources for successful completion.

Next, you can pick the type of resources you want your heroes to bring you once they return to hand in their quest. At the very start, you can pick Tier 1 Resources, but as your heroes get stronger and venture deeper into the quest locations, you will be able to send them for higher Tier Resources as well.

After this, you decide on the Quest Objective and Location. You can see the optimal CR required for the Quest on the right side, next to the reward you can expect on their return. You will slowly unlock more locations as your Heroes complete their Quests.

Once you unlock the last Location for each Slay Quest Objective, you will encounter a Boss Fight, for which you will need to gather your strongest Heroes and prepare them as best you can. After deciding on an objective, you can fine-tune the difficulty of the Quest with the slider on the right side.

Sending your heroes in sneakily will make the Quests easier, but they won’t be able to gather as many resources. Sending them overtly will in turn make it harder but provide better rewards once they return.

Lastly, you can see the Quest Payout you will owe to the Heroes on their successful return.

3. Morale

When Heroes visit your Town, they come with certain expectations. You can see how satisfied they are by looking at their Morale on the Hero Sheet or in the Hero Manager. Making sure they have Food & Quests available is the most important part of making them happy.

Buying good quality Items gives them a boost to their Morale, while receiving bad quality Items will leave them slightly disappointed, but it’s still better than nothing.

The apothecary is also an important part of keeping your Heroes Morale high. Buying Potions to prepare for their adventures raises their Morale, and there is even a Potion that impacts their Morale directly.

If their Morale gets too low, they might decide to leave your Town for good. If that happens you can see in the “Retired Heroes” Menu, why they decided to leave.

In turn, when a Hero with high Morale fails a Quest, he will rally and not die, but instead, take the loss and return back to your town. His Morale will be lower for failing, but at least he’s alive!

4. Imminent Threats

When facing imminent threats it helps to be prepared. When you craft Quests for your Heroes, it helps to always have some appropriate Slay Quests available, so that when an imminent threat pops up, the Heroes are already on it.

You can also prioritize Quests by ticking the box below the star icon in the Quest Inventory or select it in the Quest Crafting Menu, to make sure any eligible Heroes will choose those Quests before any others.

5. Resources

Scattered throughout the map you can find Resource Nodes you can click to gather some Tier 1 Resources yourself. This can help you out a lot during the early game and guarantees you a steady stream of resources that doesn’t depend on your fledgling Heroes.

Check them again once in a while, to see if they have respawned. Once you’ve discovered all of them you will even get an Achievement!

6. Shop Upgrades

In the Build Menu under the Upgrades Tab you can find a lot of useful additions to your workshops. There are multiple productions Farms that will help you generate resources you cannot find on the map, and Shop Stands that will let you invest resources to generate some extra gold by selling to Vistors passing through your town.

7. Apothecary

When facing difficult Threats, it’s useful to have the apothecary. It lets you craft potions that can increase your Heroes CR and their chances to successfully completing a Quest.

You can also craft a range of other potions that will let you influence the adventures of your Heroes directly.

8. Hero Upgrades

When Heroes complain about not being able to find upgrades, it is best practice to ensure your Shop’s stocked with multiple Options of Items for them to buy.

Crafting higher Tier Items and upgrading your stock with regrade Stones in the Inventory to raise the Quality Level of Items you already crafted makes it more likely for them to find an Item they will like!

Training your Heroes in more proficiencies will also make it easier to fulfill their needs and let them choose from a wider variety of gear to upgrade.

9. Challenge Rating (CR)

While the CR of Heroes is linked to their Level and the Gear they equip, their HP and MP are also very important. When they arrive back in town after an adventure, they will recuperate best with high-quality food items and beds to lay down and have a good rest.

Adding extras while crafting food will give you a higher chance to produce better quality Items which in turn will help your Heroes regenerate more.

10. Basic Needs

Heroes know what they need to be successful in their adventures. Make sure to always have food ready for them at the Inn when they arrive, keep the Stocks at your Shops full so they can upgrade their gear, and have quests with the right CR available for them when you see they are ready to leave in the Hero Manager.

Bonus: Zoom In

If you want to take a closer look, you can click on the Camera Icon in the Hero Sheet when you have them selected or double-click on the Hero directly to zoom in on them. You can even let them show off by clicking on them again while zoomed in. Weapon, Armour, and Shield Displays also give you the option to examine your creations from up close by clicking on them.

Now you have all the tools you need to lead your Heroes to success and build a thriving Town.