A Little Golf Journey – How to Get All Stars In All Levels

Pictures for how to get all of the stars in every level.

About stabilizing

When you aim your shot, you will notice the aiming trajectory swaying from left to right, tracing approximately an 8-shape. You can hold shift to stabilize your aim and focus the trajectory in the center of the circle. Of course this makes it easier and more reliable to aim, but you can actually reach farther without stabilizing by aiming on the edge of the circle. For many holes this is required to get a perfect score. See below for a visual representation.

The green circle is where the ball will land when you stabilize, and the blue curve approximately represents the shape of the trajectory without stabilizing.

So let’s say you’re trying to putt on the next shot, and your stabilized trajectory looks like this:

Your shooting power is slightly too weak to hit the hole directly, and if you shoot the ball will bounce over the hole. However by aiming a little bit to the side, you can move the swaying trajectory directly over the hole, allowing you to hit it dead-on:

The caveat of course is that you will only have a short window to shoot before the trajectory has moved, but this is the only way to complete a lot of courses optimally.

There is a setting in the assist mode that reduces the strength of the sway, but turning this down will make getting all stars impossible. All of the shots in this guide were taken with the default settings (50% aiming sway speed, 100% aiming sway strength).

In the screenshots, for a stabilized shot the outer circle will glow brightly. Otherwise it’s dark. For the first few levels I didn’t use this technique of not stabilizing as I didn’t know it existed, which makes some of the shots there needlessly difficult. You can use the no-stabilization technique here at your own discretion to make them easier.

World 1 – The Doorway to the Lighthouse

Level 1-1 A short shot and a fast finish

Level 1-2 A sharp turn over the water

Level 1-3 Where sand, dirt and water meet

Level 1-4 Skirting the grass

Combined with the slope, this shot should give you enough momentum to roll straight to the flag.

Level 1-5 A bump on the road

The ball should bounce towards the right and end up just between the bunker and the rocks.

This shot can be a little trial-and-error due to the slopes, but it’s doable.

Level 1-6 A hazardous bounce

This shot is tricky, the ball has to land in the corner as close to the edge of the water as possible, or you won’t be able to make the next shot.

You have to aim slightly to the left of the flag (right side in reverse view) to compensate for the bounce.

Level 1-7 Right to the Lighthouse

Level 1-8 Around the tree

Level 1-9 A stroll around the lighthouse

Level 1-10 Another short shot and fast finish

For this last shot, you need to aim slightly to the left due to the slope behind the flag.

Level 1-11 The Winding Road

This level is really difficult. I’m not sure if this is the intended method, but I tried for a while and found nothing that works better.

Give this shot just a tiny bit less than full power, so the ball doesn’t roll back as far from the slope at the end.

This is the hardest shot, you kinda just have to aim against the side of the cliff and hope your ball bounces on top of it without falling off. Try to use the sway of your shot to get the trajectory just on top, then time it.

Aim just against the bottom side of the tree leaves, your ball should get caught in them and continue rolling straight into the hole.

Level 1-12 Are We There Yet?

Give this shot a bit below full power, or you’ll overshoot the hole.

Level 1-0 Bumps and Rolls

Aim at the yellow flower just to the right of the tree.

Aim slightly to the left of the middle of the corner.

World 2 – Twin Bridges over a Moonlit Lake

Level 2-1 Peak Blossom]

The ball should bounce on the slope and roll to the hole.

Level 2-2 Light behind the trees

Level 2-3 A peek through the canopy

Aim as far to the right as possible, right at the tip of the lantern lying on the ground, and the ball should curve straight into the hole.

Level 2-4 Around and over the trees

Аim slightly to the left.

Level 2-5 A bridge too near

This shot is tricky, your ball should roll as far as possible to the edge of the fairway or you won’t have enough range for the next shot.

Level 2-6 From lantern to lantern to lantern

Don’t aim too far right, or you won’t be able to shoot the ball over the tree for the next shot.

Level 2-7 From the shadows to the light

Level 2-8 Under the cover of darkness

Level 2-9 As simple as 1-2-3

Level 2-10 Around and over the pond

This level is really hard and basically random to get perfectly.

For this shot, you can’t hold shift to stabilize your aim. Wait until the sway moves the white spot over the tree and release. If you’re lucky, your ball will bounce slightly off the tree without hitting the rough, and roll forward far enough to go under the next tree to the hole. If it’s too far back you can’t reach the flag without getting stuck on the tree, so you’ll have to try again.

Level 2-11 Long Way Round

Don’t hold shift for this shot, wait until the sway takes the trajectory straight over the hole. If you time it right the ball will go straight in.

Level 2-12 Pond Life

You need to hit the edge of the leaves to slow down your ball, but still have it land as close to the edge of the water as possible for the next shot.

Don’t hold shift here, or you won’t make it over the slope. Just time the sway.

World 3 – Windmills atop the Parched Mesa

Level 3-1 Rock and roll

This one is a little trial-and-error. Don’t use shift and try to time the sway to get as far as possible.

Level 3-2 Between horns and thorns

Don’t use shift, you need to land just behind the sand as far to the right as possible on the fairway.

Again don’t use shift or you will bounce and overshoot the flag, just time your shot so it goes straight in.

Level 3-3 At the center of the herd

Aagain don’t use shift, but this time so you can slightly undershoot the shot so the ball doesn’t roll into the sand.

You have to aim pretty far left of the flag due to the slopes.

Level 3-4 Through the goalpoasts

Don’t stabilize or you’ll overshoot, just time it so it goes directly in.

Level 3-5 Across and onto the peak

This level is pretty difficult and unreliable, but this method is the only one I found that works.

Don’t stabilize for this shot. Try to time it so the ball lands just on top of the flat rock surface in the distance, if you’re lucky it will land there and roll straight into the hole. This one will probably take a few attempts.

Level 3-6 Across the windy valley

Aim as far to the right as you can without hitting the cactus, the ball should bounce against the rock and just land on the fairway.

This one might take some luck or timing so you don’t hit the blades of the windmill.

Level 3-7 Left at the intersection

This shot is a little random whether you land out of bounds or not, just keep trying.

Level 3-8 At the edge of the water

Don’t stabilize so you have enough power to clear the bunker.

Again don’t stabilize for that little extra reach.

Level 3-9 Bouncing around the rockies

This level gives you 3 shots for 3 stars, but I found you only need 2. Don’t stabilize either shot.

If the ball doesn’t roll directly into the hole after this shot, it should be on the green right next to the flag at least, and the last shot should be trivial.

Level 3-10 The Road Less Traveled

Again, all of these shots have to be done without stabilizing to get enough reach.

Level 3-11 Nice View Up Here

If you aim directly for the fairway the ball will overshoot and end up in the rough, so bounce off the rock instead.

You probably won’t get your ball in this exact position, but putting it from there is easy enough regardless.

Level 3-0 Hiding from the sun

Don’t stabilize.

World 4 – Forest of Mist and Legends

Level 4-1 Reflections on a jump

Don’t stabilize, but time for a direct shot.

Level 4-2 Into the forest, between the waters

This level is deceptively difficult. There are probably multiple ways to do it in 2 shots, but this is the easiest from my experience. Don’t stabilize, and time your shot to go right between these two trees without hitting either of them.

Luckily, the next shot is basically free.

Level 4-3 Resting places and ruins

Don’t stabilize. Aim as far to the right side of the pillar as possible, if your ball is too far to the left you won’t be able to make the next shot.

Level 4-4 Fair and square

Aim at the top of the stone structure without stabilizing, the ball should just skim along the edge. You’ll want to end up as far right as possible for the next shot.

Aim slightly towards the right (left in reverse view) of the flag to compensate for the slope.

Level 4-5 A pilgrimage to the lookouts

Don’t stabilize and aim as far left and back as you can.

Again, don’t stabilize and a aim as far right and back as you can.

Level 4-6 A congregation at the shadowy henge

You don’t want the ball too far forward on this one, it will make the next shot more difficult.

Don’t stabilize so you have enough range to go over the tree.

Again don’t stabilize. This shot is a little blind, it might take a couple of tries.

Level 4-7 An audience in the main hall

Don’t stabilize and wait for the trajectory to dip down so you can shoot through the window.

You have to put the flag right on the edge of your aiming circle. Don’t stabilize and you’ll have a very short window where you can shoot it straight into the hole.

Level 4-8 Sneaking past the towers

Aim for the top of the tree. The ball will slide off and land on the island.

Aim to the left to compensate for the slope.

Level 4-9 A leap of faith from the water’s edge

Don’t stabilize and aim at the front left to undershoot, or the ball will end up in the rough.

Level 4-10 The Sword

Aim for the very left corner of the island, the ball will bounce to the right and not fall off. The rest of the course is pretty trivial.

Level 4-11 Cataclysm

Aim at the front left so you don’t overshoot into the rough.

Aim for the tiny square island, the ball will bounce onto the next larger island.

Put the flag right on the edge of the circle and time it.

Level 4-0 More Bumps and Rolls

Aim as close to the corner of the water as possible.

World 5 – Slding Sleighs on Sleepy Snows

Level 5-1 A formal occasion

Don’t stabilize, aim back left.

Don’t stabilize, aim left of the snowman’s hat and above its arm.

Level 5-2 A left-field discussion

Don’t stabilize, aim back left.

Don’t stabilize again, aim back right.

Level 5-3 An unfortunate misdirection

Don’t stabilize, aim to the right over the snowman’s arm.

Aim directly at the flag. If you’re struggling, shoot just a bit later so the ball lands before the flag. The headwind will let it bounce into the hole.

Level 5-4 A steamy nordic tradition

You’ll end up in the snow, but that’s fine.

Level 5-5 An expedited house delivery

Don’t stabilize, you’ll land in the snow but it’s fine.

It’s important not to hit this one too hard, or you won’t be able to fit in between the trees on the next shot.

This shot is basically just random, just keep trying and eventually the ball will curve around and roll back into the hole.

Level 5-6 A visit to the midnight village

Level 5-7 A night in the woods

Aim for the very edge of the circle.

Easier than it looks, the slope combined with the wind easily curves the ball to the flag.

Level 5-8 An unfortunate slide

Level 5-9 A walk through the woods

Don’t stabilize and aim at the back right.

Level 5-10 A controlled tumble

Don’t stabilize. This one might take a couple of tries, it’s a little random.

Level 5-11 Yule Log

Aim for the far right without stabilizing to get as much reach as you can, it will make the following shots easier.

If you did the previous shots correctly you can hit this dead-on while stabilizing, otherwise you might have to time it.

Level 5-12 Icebergs Ahead!

I can’t really make a guide for this level, nor does it really need one. The only difficult shot is the final one. Just time your shots and remember that your ball takes a moment to travel to its destination, so you should aim slightly ahead of where you want it to land.

This shot is basically just trial and error depending on where exactly your ball is laying. If your aim is closer to the flag like in the picture try to aim directly at the flag; if it’s further away aim a little bit to the right so the ball bounces off the slope.

World 6 – Lone Tower Looming above the Cliffs

Level 6-1 A hop over the bushes

This is basically just try until you get it.

Level 6-1 A stroll by the beach

Aim at the back left, you need maximum reach to get over the hill.

Easiest to time the direct hit and sink it directly from here.

Level 6-3 A jump into the bushes

This level looks easy but the strong wind makes it really difficult. Let me know if you have an easier method, but I tried a bunch of stuff and this was the only way that even worked.

Aim back left, you’ll land in the rough but that’s fine.

The strong wind combined with the strength+sway penalty from shooting from the rough makes this shot nigh impossible to predict. Just keep trying and eventually you’ll get lucky.

Level 6-4 A brush with a wounded giant

Aim all the way behind this tower, the ball should just roll to a stop on the little patch of fairway. If it rolls into the dirt you’ll have to retry.

Level 6-5 A dance with the red devils

AIm at the back right.

Again aim back right. If you’re lucky the ball will curve directly into the hole, if not it should land on the green right next to the flag, making the putt completely trivial.

Level 6-6 A righteous parade for a placid giant

Level 6-7 A frame for the sun

Aim as far back-right as possible.

Depending on the exact position of the ball, you may have to not-stabilize this shot for some extra range.

Level 6-8 A visit to the old grounds

Don’t stabilize or you’ll bounce over the hole.

Level 6-9 A clamber to the window

Level 6-10 A cliffside climb

Not sure what this level is doing here, it’s trivially easy.

Level 6-11 Tightrope

Aim as close as possible to the side of the stone arch and the ball should fly directly into the hole.

Level 6-12 Fort Fore

Aim back left.

Aim back right. The ball should come to a standstill on the flat clifftop.

From here it’s easiest to time a direct hit into the hole.

World 7 – Giants above the Desert Dunes

Level 7-1 A solid foundation

Aim for the stone pillar, the ball will bounce off it and roll onto the island.

Level 7-2 A drop of water in the sand

Aim for the small island, the ball will bounce onto the bigger island.

Aim far back left. Easier than it looks.

Level 7-3 A bouncing tribute to the guardians

Aim towards the stone block so the ball will ricochet to the tiny piece of fairway.

if you are lucky you can aim this directly and the ball will bounce straight into the hole, if it doesn’t work just aim with the edge of your circle and time it.

Level 7-4 A desert caravan to the spring

Aim far back right.

Level 7-5 A peek through the date trees

The ball should fit in between the trees and roll as for as possible down the slope.

Level 7-6 A slide through the ages

Level 7-7 A glide down the banks of the Nile

The ball needs to roll forwards pretty far in order to make the next shot.

Aim very slightly to the right. You’re landing on a slope so it might take a couple of tries.

Level 7-8 A monumental expedition

Don’t stabilize and aim at the very edge of the circle.

Level 7-9 A journey through the palms

Level 7-10 A visit to the temple of duality

This level is relatively easy to do in only 3 shots. If you’re struggling, you have a spare shot to split any of the other shots in 2 to make it easier.

Level 7-15 Unknown Queen Tomb

You’ll land on the stones but that’s fine.

The ball should just roll onto the fairway.

If you are having trouble with this shot, you can also try aiming behind the flag and letting the ball bounce back.

Level 7-16 Pottery Chamber

You should just land on the fairway.

You might land on the fairway or the stones after ricocheting off the statue, either is fine for the final shot.

Level 7-0 More Bumps and Rolls

This level is a little tricky, you really need to get the most range out of each shot or you won’t make it.

World 8 – Blue Dot on a Dark Firmament

Level 8-1 A walk through the silent fields

Level 8-2 A break in the void

Level 8-3 A small step too far

Don’t stabilize.

You might have to aim a little to the right, depending on where exactly the ball is positioned. You’ll also have to time your shot so you don’t hit the rotating asteroids.

Level 8-4 An eagle’s landing

Level 8-5 A leap into the dragon’s mouth

Level 8-6 At the edge of the universe

This putt is the hardest part. Try to aim so that the trajectory line ends right at the terrain seam that leads down to the flag.

Level 8-7 A bouncing signal

Another level that’s doable in fewer shots than intended!

If you’re lucky, the ball will roll down the hill straight into the hole. If it doesn’t, the last shot should be trivially easy.

Level 8-8 A ride around the rocks

Level 8-9 A nebulous journey

Obviously time it so you don’t hit the asteroids.

Align your shot directly with the flag, and release when the second largest asteroid is in front of your trajectory.

Level 8-10 Golf in the machine

If at this point you need a guide for this level, you should probably play a different game…

Level 8-11 Heavenly Pyramid

This shot is deceptively difficult. If you stabilize the ball will hit the stone beam and not roll far enough. So you need to time for the sway to dip because below the beam, while also aiming slightly to the right.

There is a tiny patch of fairway to land on.

When this platform is going up, you will have a window to shoot directly onto the green. The final shot should be trivial. Maybe you can even skip it entirely if you get lucky.

World 9 – Golf in the Machine

Level 9-1 A gap in the matrix

Level 9-2 A glitch in the pattern

Aim exactly in between the sand, fairway and cliff.

A little random, but it shouldn’t take too many tries to get the bounce right.

Level 9-3 A scanner brightly

Level 9-4 A deja vu

Don’t stabilize.

Don’t stabilize and aim directly at the rightmost terrain seam (between the 3rd and 4th tiles).

Level 9-5 Snakes on a plane

Try aiming for the little blue slope, with some luck the ball should curve into the hole.

Level 9-6 A central processing unit

You can just barely make it to here.

Depending on the exact position of your ball, you might have to try for a direct hit rather than a bounce.

Level 9-7 A nest of snakes

This shot is kind of difficult to time so you don’t hit any of the moving purple blocks.

Try to aim so that your blue trajectory line ends exactly at the second cross to the right of the flag, like in the picture.

Level 9-8 A virtual connection

Aim for the back right, the ball should bounce over the gap. Might take a few tries.

Level 9-9 A pointer to null voxels

Level 9-11 Virtual Chessboard

Level 9-12 Galactic Pixels

Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on with this level. You can finish it with only 2 shots instead of the required 6, although granted it’s pretty difficult. I tried taking the regular route but even making every shot as tight as possible I came up short to reach the flag.

This shot is just trial and error, at some point you’ll land on the blue tile and then it’s a free shot to the flag.

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