Above Snakes Achievement Walkthrough Guide and Tips

How to get all achievements in Above Snakes.

Home, Sweet Home

This achievement can be earned during the tutorial all you have to do is build a cabin in the game.

Good Feller

Another achievement that can be earned in the tutorial all you need to do is craft an axe and the axe needs to be used to get other achievements as well.


All you have to do is cook a meal which is required to survive in game as you have a health, food, water, and sanity indicator

Tree Domino

You can get this achievement at any time but you can do it in the tutorial but if you don’t get it in the tutorial you can get it later.All you have to do is chop down a tree and make the tree hit another tree which causes it to also fall down and that’s it nothing too crazy.


This achievement is super easy all you have to do is craft a fishing pole. Also the fishing pole is required for another achievement called tall tales ill go over that later in the guide.


Super easy achievement is collect 100 lumber each tree sometimes drops 3 lumber so you can easily get it. It does not require you to chop down 100 trees just to collect 100 lumber but hey if you wanna chop down 100 trees go right ahead 😛


Just like the lumberjack achievement you just need to collect common rocks which are dropped by boulders.

Faster than the wind

Their are horses in game that let you fast travel just find one of these horses and have a wild carrot in your inventory and then fast travel super easy.

Best Friend

There is quest that comes later in the story called The Infected Wolf all you have to do is kill the infected wolf its the wolf with green eyes. After you kill it you get a new quest called the wolf cub in order to complete it you need to lure it with cooked meat and grilled fish you place it on two rocks then pet the cub and you get a pet that follows you in game


This is super easy you don’t have to craft a specific food all you do is cook food or recipes 100 times you have to cook food in order to survive.

Tall Tales

Kind of a hard achievement you have to catch a sturgeon which are kinda rare you cant buy a sturgeon(i thought you could buy it from a merchant to get the achievement but you have to catch it) you have to catch it with your fishing rod.

Stable relationship

All you have to do is craft or build a hitching post this will be super helpful late game as if you have a lot of tiles fast travel can speed up the game and get places faster also the hitching post can be placed anywhere but i believe you can only have one at a time.

Honest work

All you have to do is make a mine start mining in order to do this you need a winterberry tart or winterberry muffin.

The first, second, third and all fragments

There are fragments required to end the game in order to get them you need to go make teas and they transport you to another realm with an elder. this elder will give you the fragment after your done talking to them. The final fragment won’t be until you find the elders in the mountain tile and you get it by talking to them and getting the key which is located in the mayor mansion

Corpse Creek

You get this way later in the story all you have to do is get the corpse creek tile and stand on it and you get the achievement

Rollin’ Around

All you have to do is press spacebar and roll around and do this 100 times easy way to do this is during combat to avoid damage or just spam the button but keep in mind their is stamina bar and once it out you have to wait for it to replenish it.

Lost Soul kill of the week

Just like the tree domino achievement but instead you must kill a lost soul with a tree

I am Rich

All you have to do to get this achievement is collect 1000 coins there are many different ways to get coins but how i got this achievement was collecting water and boiling it and selling it you can follow this guide to get this achievement.

Won the lottery

Just like the I am rich achievement you just have to get 5000 coins

The End

You get this achievement after finishing the game in order to get it though you need to finish watching the credits.


To get this you just need to die to bees that it don’t worry about dieing you respawn the next day at your bed (If you have a bed)


This achievement is great for getting other achievements like the barista achievement because you can grow food and as well as material for your base. All you have to do is plant 100 plants any plant will do.

Tooth Collector

In order to get teeth you need to kill lost souls and teeth aren’t guaranteed each time it is rng each time you kill a lost souls. You just need to collect 30 teeth in order to get the achievement

Below Snakes

Just like the Melissophobia achievement you need to die to snakes. Snakes can be found in the dessert tiles.


Just like Below Snakes and Melissophobia you need to die to a tree just stand in front of a tree you chopped down and you will die but you might have to chop down a couple trees to die as one tree can’t kill you in one go.


Easiest way to get this achievement is to grow a garden of coffee beans you need at least 2 coffee beans and water to craft 1 coffee so you will need 30 water and 60 coffee beans to craft 30 coffee.


This achievement is very hard as finding 100 books is kinda of hard because in crates and barrels a book is rng in there so you wont get a book each time and I don’t believe you can buy books. Don’t worry though there is a way to get 100 books in a village in the canyon you can get two books there and every time you go to the main menu they respawn so if you go to the village 50 times after they respawn you can get 100 books as two books spawn there each time you go to main menu and back.

Happy Birthday

This achievement is hard as you need to survive 365 days which can take a while but you can get it done in about two maybe four hours depending on how far in the game you are.

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