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Ahiru no Sora Episode 21 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Updates

Ahiru no Sora Episode 21 release date is fast approaching and fans are now excited to see the outcome of the match between Kuzuryu High and Kitasumi High.

Following the epic last seconds gameplay with Kitasumi High leading the game by two points, Sora got the final shot from the three-point line. Will Sora be able to hit the basket and Kuzuryu High Basketball Club taking the win? Let’s find out once the episode releases.

When is Ahiru no Sora Episode 21 premiere date?

The first episode of the anime was premiered on October 2, 2019, Wednesday, which also marks the regular day to release a brand new episode for the series. Now that Episode 20 has just aired, basketball enthusiasts should now be ready for the release of Ahiru no Sora Episode 21 on February 26th at 6:25 PM (PST).

Where to watch Ahiru no Sora anime series online?

There are lots of websites out there giving free access to the latest episode of the anime. However, we highly recommend watching Ahiru no Sora episodes from the official distributors and partners such as Crunchyroll and HiDive.

What to expect in Ahiru no Sora Episode 21?

The conclusion of the practice match between the two teams will be in this episode. The Kitasumi High Basketball Club is leading by two points. With Sora releasing the final shot from the three-point line will be a comeback. Will Sora be able to hit the basket? If getting spoiled is not your thing, we suggest stopping reading from here.

The last few seconds of the game have come and Sora got the final shot. Knowing Sora as a sharpshooter, the chance of getting the basket is huge. However, that doesn’t happen in Episode 21 as Sora missed the basket and Kitasumi High wins the game with a score of 76 to 74. The game ended with a goodbye from both teams.

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