AIRWARS VR Controls and Shortcuts

This guide will be detailing the default controls for Airwars VR. If you’re one of the players trying to get into this new VR game, make sure that you get yourself familiar with the controls.

Before we start, please note that you can change these default Airwars VR controls by going to the settings menu.


Cosmos button Guide

Left Controller

  • Joystick Left – Rudder left
  • Joystick Right – Rudder left
  • Left grip – Accelerate and decelerate forwards and backwards, Throttle, After grasping

Right Controller

  • B – Go to Main Menu
  • L2 – Fire/Attack the selected weapon
  • Joystick up – Machine gun and missile switch, Weapon switch
  • Joystick down – Radar range switching
  • Joystick left – Before target
  • Joystick right – Next target
  • Right grip – After grabbing it, if it moves forward, backward, left or right, the fighter will rotate accordingly.

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