Alien Hominid Invasion Beginner’s Guide and Tips

The standard guide for the Invaders.



There are 19 unique weapons that you can use to invade the earth. Each weapon has its own modifier. Different characteristics to suit your play style. You can unlock many different weapons through leveling up, securing loot, buying from the kid and buying loot at the Hideout.

Alien Blaster

Classic blaster for newborn invaders. Limited default range and damage but high potential.

Photon Gun

Rapid fire, spread widens at range. Charged shot covers a larger area.

Sawed Off

Short range, high damage, wide spread. Charged shot bowls over multiple enemies.


Long range, high spread for crowds of enemies. Charge to fire a barrage of triple bullets.

Human Machine Gun

Semi-automatic with a high rate of fire and a built-in slow effect.

Energy Knife

Short range, fast attack rate and high crit chance. Charge to dash in any direction.

Dual Laser

Extreme long range, less damage but can pierce multiple enemies at once.

Human Minigun

Slow to spin up, high max fire rate and bullet speed. Less effective versus armor.

BB Gun

Fires clouds of deadly bees at medium range. Charge fires a long range, high damage bee.


Bouncing shots build up burn damage over time. Charge to fire a slow, destructive mega-orb!


Creates jets of fire that apply burning damage over time. Use short bursts to save fuel.

Six Chambers

High damage, above average crit rate. Needs reloading often. Charged shot ricochets bullets.


Fires shards of ice that slow enemies. Large charged shot is slow but freezes enemies.


Shots ricochet off enemies and surfaces. Charge to fire bouncing shots that pass-through enemies.


High fire rate and bullet speed, but grows weaker the longer it’s fired. Best in short bursts.


Continuous long range beam causes damage to build up and adds burning status.

Mothership Issue

Heat-seeking mini-missiles. Charge to fire a non-seeking missile that does extra damage.

Acid Shot

Lobbed shots damage over time. Charged shot is larger and inflicts status quicker.

Lightning Gun

Long range bolts arc to nearby targets. Charge to electrify nearby enemies for a short time.


There are 9 mutations with their own unique ability to suit your play style.


Tried and true, grenades can destroy crowds of agents but bounce off armor.

Show Off

Flex. It does nothing. Flex. Who needs health? Flex. It feels good.

Sky Ranger

Fly through agents to knock them down. Crash into the ground to create an explosion.


Toss hearts that heal nearby aliens. Everyone will think you’re so nice… and they’ll be right!

Speed Demon

Run fast, creating damaging flames as you pass. Perfect for giving friends a lift.

Weapon Specialist

Hominids use one weapon. You use two, because you’re special. Swap for an attack boost.


Hold down to shield yourself and nearby friends. Deflect enemy attacks back at them.


Master the head chomp. Gain health regen with every bite. Breaks armor but ignores bots.


Calls in a fellow hominid for you to hang out with. Mutate for friendship!


There are 42 different kind of boosts that you can use and 9 additional mission bonuses. A boost may have 1 positive modifier or 2 positive modifiers with 1 negative modifier. You can use 2 boosts at the same time. Unlock the 1st slot boost through the invasion. Unlock the 2nd slot boost by redeeming enough Mothership Data.

Ability Charge

Adjusts the duration of max number of mutation uses. Minimum of 1.

Armor Pierce

Adjusts your chance of ignoring enemy armor.

Bonus Intel

Adjusts progress gained from picking up intel.

Bullet Speed

Adjusts how fast your shots travel.

Bullet Spread

Adjusts weapon accuracy and scatter.

Charged Shot Damage

Adjusts damage of your weapon’s charged shot.

Clip Size

Adjusts number of shots available before reloading.

Crit Chance

Adjusts how often your weapon gets critical hits.

Crit Per Hit

Briefly increase chance of a critical after you hit.


Adjust the damage of your weapons.

Damage On Coin Gain

Briefly adjusts damage after picking up a coin.


Adjusts how much damage you receive.

Defense On Kill

Briefly adjusts defense after defeating enemies.

Deflect Bullets

Adjusts how often enemy attacks bounce off you.

Dig Speed

Adjusts how quickly you move while digging.

Dodge Bullet Regen

Heal when dodging through enemy attacks.

Double Bullet

Adjusts how often you fire an extra shot.

Enemy Health

Adjusts health of all enemies.

Enemy Pierced

Adjust number of enemies fired through per shot.

Fire Rate

Adjusts how often your weapons fire.

Hazard Area Loot

Chance to find bonus loot in levels with hazards.


Adjusts how much damage you can take before dying.

Health Regen

Adjust how quickly your health refills on its own.

Jump Height

Adjusts how high you go per jump.

Life Steal

Heal when dealing damage to enemies.

Mutation Juice Regen

Mutation ability refills without picking up juice.

Mutation Juice Bonus

Adjusts mutation juice regained from pickups.

Max Lives Cap

Adjusts you max number of lives, minimum 1.

Money Chance

Adjusts how often coins drop from enemies.

Move Speed

Adjusts how fast your alien can run.

Objective Heal

Heal when an objective is completed.

Potential Loot Tier

Chance that you will discover better loot.


Adjusts how far your shots travel.

Reload Speed

Adjusts how quickly your weapon reloads.

Revenge Damage

Deal an enemy’s damage to you back at them.

Ride Health Regen

Regain health while riding on enemies.

Robot Damage

Adjusts damage dealt to robotic enemies.

Rolling Attack

Deal damage while rolling through enemies.


Start levels with a defensive shield.

Speed On Kill

Briefly increase speed after defeating enemies.

Sword Deflection

Basic energy knife attacks deflect enemy projectiles.

Triple Bullet

Adjusts how often you fire two extra shots.

Mission Bonus: Heart

Add an additional heart to the map.

Mission Bonus: Hideout

Add an additional hideout to the map.

Mission Bonus: Special Loot

Add an additional special loot to the map.

Mission Bonus: Crit Damage +5%

Pickup for a small boost to critical chance that mission.

Mission Bonus: Deflect +5%

Pickup for a small boost to deflect chance that mission.

Mission Bonus: Crit Damage +10%

Pickup for a large boost to critical chance that mission.

Mission Bonus: Deflect +10%

Pickup for a large boost to deflect chance that mission.

Mission Bonus: Jump +10%

Pickup for a large boost to jump height that mission.

Mission Bonus: 2x Coins

Add bonus coins to the map.

Security Clearance

There are 4 clearance cards. By reaching a certain number of levels you can claim the rewards.

Security Clearance Card – Grey

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5

Security Clearance Card – Green

  • Level 6
  • Level 9
  • Level 12
  • Level 15
  • Level 18

Security Clearance Card – Cyan

  • Level 21
  • Level 24
  • Level 27
  • Level 30
  • Level 33

Security Clearance Card – Blue

  • Level 36
  • Level 39
  • Level 42
  • Level 45
  • Level 48


There are 45 different types of enemies, including bosses.


Easy to defeat, but a threat in groups. Where did they all come from..?


Fire accurate shots with knockdown. Jump on their shoulders to fly!


Quick moving, attack in swarms by dropping lots of landmines.


Slow, but good at melting poor invaders who forget to not to stand under them.


Beefy agents with huge shields. Get behind them but do not ride!


Extra tough agents with advanced weapons, but they drop extra juice when hit.


These agents looks like robots to me. Or robots disguised as agents maybe? How creepy!


Deployed by vans and skyvans. High damage, rapid fire guns. How do they all fit in there?

Armored Van

Deploys squads of dangerous Shocktroopers. High priority target.


Long-range projectiles create large explosions on contact. Get close.


Create indestructible shields around nearby agents. Try tossing them!


Slow down invaders who get too close. Best to shoot while far away.


Low mobility but high rate of fire. Defeat the pilot to ride it yourself!


Hunt in packs looking for invaders to knock down. Hard to catch, fun to ride.


Hop, hop, hop around so many deadly bubbles! Do they hop for me?


Agents have learned: Invaders can catch on fire! Roll or dig to put it out!


Their shots weigh invaders down. Jump, dig or roll to shake them off.


Watch out! You can see where they’re aiming before they fire.

Jetpacker, Elite

Flying heavy artillery, Their slow moving shots follow invaders and hit hard.

Armored Skyvan

Deploy Shocktroopers. Watch out for fly-by attacks when invading the sky.

Lozenge Man

This is the lozenge man. Slowing you down is his lozenge plan. Such good hair.


These robots are confused. Invaders are not trash! Dig to avoid their beam.


Robots with fire breath. Roll or dig to put it out. Do these robots really breathe?


Ambusher. Heat-seeking, high damage attacks. Mama says just do your best.


These are small and also crab? Dive through their beams, but be careful: They hop.


These are large and also crab. Fire clusters of bombs. Ride or blast from a distance.


Ambusher. Even faster than normal inchworms. Shoot them in the face!!


Bounce off walls and smack invaders with their tail. How rude!


Makes hackerbombs like the mothership makes invaders. But does he love them? No.


Get close, they fly closer. Trained to explode near invaders. Dive past or avoid.


These try to escape so they must be important. Stop them! They sometimes drop bombs.


Filled with secrets. These slow down if you shoot them. Mama just thinks they’re neat.

Air Mine

Shoot to push them, but quick invaders can use them as platforms before they explode.


Deadly. Indestructible. Destroy the Keybot to shut them down temporarily.


Destroy them to get past checkpoints. C.H.O.M.P.E.R. loves to chase them.


This planet is usually safe to walk on, so agents invented spikes. Shoot before walking.


You can shoot Bounder to knock him away. He doesn’t mind. He always comes back.


These robots are indestructible and attack in perfect sync. They must practice lots!


Oh, what are these? Did grandma make them?


A robot who thinks she’s better than you. She hates it when invaders stand on her head.


This eyeball is installed in an even stronger brawler. Is it too late to be friends? How sad.

Bustletron 2.0

Rebuilt with better mobility and even more firepower. Run away when he spins his arms!


Deadly blade, heat seeking bullets, calls in Miniwasps. Is this what they call “Taking a power trip”?


Mutation juice has a strange effect on agents, no? Juice is best for growing invaders.

Grand Mothership

This is Mothership’s mothership. Likes to take over and do things her way. We don’t talk much.


There are 154 different types of heads with various modifier stats that you can use to customize your alien. You can unlock many different heads through leveling up, securing loot, and buying loot at the Hideout.

Cross Unlockables

By owning other games on Steam, the following heads are added to the game’s loot pool:

  • Castle Crashers – Pink Knight, Green Knight, and Barbarian
  • BattleBlock Theater – Cat Guard, Raccoon, Hat of Purrham
  • Pit People – Horatio, Yosef, Pipistrella
  • Alien Hominid HD – Original Alien


There are 33 pigment colors that you can choose. Which one is your favorite?


There are 43 achievements.

  • First Contact: Kill your first enemy
  • Alert Level Mauve: Kill 510 enemies
  • Alert Level Violet: Kill 2,500 enemies
  • Alert Level Purple: Kill 5,000 enemies
  • Safe Keeping: Reach 5 hideouts total
  • Super Powered: Use your mutation ability 100 times
  • You Aren’t Beefy Enough: Destroy an HQ
  • Let’s Talk About This: Destroy 3 HQs
  • Alright That’s It: Destroy 12 HQs
  • New Lifeform: Reach XP level 5
  • Surviving Lifeform: Reach XP level 25
  • Strong Lifeform: Reach XP level 50
  • Lifeform Finds A Way: Reach XP level 75
  • Lots on the Line: Complete a mission without reaching any hideouts
  • Just Like My Ancestor: Complete a mission without dying
  • Triggering the Alarms: Complete a mission with more than 8 city blocks destroyed
  • LOL EZ: Complete a level without taking more than 30 damage
  • I Like It Here: Stay in a level for 10 minutes
  • Didn’t Need That Button: Complete a level without jumping
  • Souls-Like: Roll through 500 bullets
  • Spectrum: Unlock 20 pigments
  • Extraterrestrial Exchange: Sell an item for Lunch Money
  • Economist: Sell 30 items
  • Chunk of Change: Have 2000 Lunch Money saved up
  • Robbin Good: Gain over 110 Lunch Money in a single level
  • Lunchtastic: Gain over 220 Lunch Money in a single level
  • Alley Oops: Kill 20 enemies with Jetpack explosions
  • Tastes Like Human: Life steal 5,000 damage
  • Quit Hitting Yourself: Deflect 10,000 damage total
  • Beam Not: Kill 30 Beambots
  • Frog-Not: Kill 20 Frogbots
  • Anti-Air: Blow up 10 Sky Vans
  • Van’t Stop Me: Blow up 10 Vans
  • Grena-tears: Kill 50 Grenadiers
  • Flyswatter: Kill 50 Flybots
  • Best Defense: Kill 20 Shield Agents
  • More Where That Came From: Die Once
  • Die Harder: Die a total of 10 times
  • Won’t Stay Down: Die a total of 33 times
  • If It Bleeds: Take a total of 15,000 damage (lifetime)
  • Insane in the Eyestrain: Defeat all bosses on Insane difficulty
  • Technically a Sequel: Finish the storyline
  • Is That All You’ve Got: Complete 5 waves in a bonus level
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