All Base Doctrines USSR/Germany in Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Ostfront

All base doctrines, without Finland and DLC Scorched Earth.

USSR, Early war

[All-Round] Multipurpose

[Defensive] Heavy Firepower

[Irregular] Support Unit

[Offensive] Land Battleships

USSR, Mid War

[All-Round] Guards Unit

[Defensive] Not One Step Back!

[Irregular] Reserves

[Offensive] Spearhead

USSR, Late War

[All-Round] Lend-Lease

[Defensive] Breakthrough

[Irregular] Demolition

[Offensive] Shock Army

Germany, Early War

[All-Round] Beutepanzer

[Defensive] Wacht am Rhein

[Irregular] Air Domination

[Offensive] Blitzkrieg

Germany, Mid War

[All-Round] Grenadier Unit

[Defensive] Auxiliary Defense

[Irregular] Special Taskforce

[Offensive] Heavy Battalion

Germany, Late War

[All-Round] Volksgrenadiere

[Defensive] Defense of the Reich

[Irregular] Veterans

[Offensive] Kampfgruppe

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