Killing Floor 2

All Collectibles in Hostile Grounds in Killing Floor 2

Guide to find at least 10 necklaces in this map mixing Danish and French


This was also a fine map and I remember some collectibles behind nearly one after the other. I also remember that I preferred to stay on the streets than going underground too.

You’ve Got Red on You


Positioned on a mattress to the right side of the obstructed bridge.

Hanging from a pipe on the left side of the blocked bridge.

Resting on a pipe near the crocodile statues.

Concealed behind barrels, directly in front of the preceding collectible.

Nestled between rocks, underneath the collapsed truck.

Situated amidst barrels in close proximity to a vault door.

Inside a water tunnel, located behind a closed gate and adjacent to the skin.

Found within the water tunnel, subsequent to the previous collectible, positioned centrally, just before an open gate.

Located within the water tunnel, following the previous collectible, concealed behind a closed gate.


Placed on a trashcan.

Underneath benches on the opposite side, near the trader.

Positioned on the ground at the other end, on the same side.

Hanging from a pipe on the other side.

Resting on phones at an entrance.


Affixed to the wall of the suspended road, adjacent to one of the subway entrances (near the Horzine Building).

Enclosed within an ambulance, a short distance away.

Resting on a balcony in the area with tents.

Placed on an armored truck, located in front of the tents.

Concealed beneath a car inside a garage.

Adjacent to one of the subway entrances, situated inside a trashcan (specifically, the one near the diner).

Jump onto the red car to discover the collectible on the diner side.

Found within a tent near the trader in close proximity to the diner.

Hidden behind the trader after the preceding collectible.

Concealed behind a fence at the end of the street, following the previous collectible.

Hanging from a scaffold to the right.

Resting on the body within the scaffold.

Positioned just to the right of that body, behind the fence.

Placed on the scaffold of the Horzine Building.

Located in the bicycle basket behind the fence.


Positioned underneath the piano.

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