Jurassic World Evolution 2

All Game Modes in Jurassic World Evolution 2

Here is a video to help you understand and play all game modes in JWE 2, I hope this helps and make sure to rate up and comment.


Jurassic World Evolution 2 (JWE 2) has 4 game modes for you to play with over 80-100 hours of game-play generated from them so here is a short guide on what each game mode does if you are stuck or un sure.


Campaign mode has 3 options for you, 2 are from DLCs.

The DFW Campaign.
This campaign acts as a tutorial to new players teaching them the basics and introducing them to the game. It was extremely useful on release day and is still to this day. The variety in scenario, challenge and setting makes every map completely unique.
Final ratings

  • Re-playability: 6/10
  • Challenge: 5/10
  • creativity: 4/10

Biosyn campaign
This campaign came out with the release of Jurassic World Dominion and added a unique story to JWE 2. You travel to the Biosyn valley in the Italian alps and control over every decision that Biosyn has to make. This campaign is famous for the Pyroraptor, new viewing gallery and new building types. This campaign is also slit into two parts, before and after Dominion.
Final ratings

  • Re-playability: 8/10
  • Challenge: 6/10
  • creativity: 7/10

Malta Dominion campaign
The Dominion Malta campaign is different from all the other campaigns as it operates with multiple islands at once, just like JWE. You can travel between 3 Mediterranean locations with required missions on each Island. This campaign also has the dinosaur exchange where you can sell dinosaursand buy genome, dinosaurs and eggs.
Final ratings

  • Re-playability: 6/10
  • Challenge: 7/10
  • creativity: 8/10

Chaos theory

Chaos theory has 6 modes in it that all tell their own story with alternate movie scenarios.

Jurassic Park
The Jurassic Park chaos theory acts as a tutorial to park building in JWE 2 but is still one of the best chaos theory. You control every decision to build a successful Jurassic Park with the assistance of John Hammond and Dr Henry Wu.
Final ratings

  • Re-playability: 9/10
  • Challenge: 5/10
  • creativity: 9/10

Jurassic Park San Diego
The Jurassic Park San Diego chaos theory was promoted as the main chaos theory with the legendary Jeff Goldblum playing it. In this chaos theory you take over Jurassic Park first mainland park just outside San Diego. The missions are relatively easy since you start with 2 T-Rexs.
Final ratings

  • Re-playability: 7/10
  • Challenge: 6/10
  • creativity: 6/10

Jurassic Park 3
The Jurassic Park 3 chaos theory is sadly seen as a meme and depressing. This chaos theory was bantered at it’s release and it’s obvious why. You have to tranquillise and send dinosaurs off island for the creation of Jurassic World. Spoilers: Spino dies lol.
Final ratings

  • Re-playability: 2/10
  • Challenge: 3/10
  • creativity: 3/10

Jurassic World
The Jurassic World chaos theory is the best of the best. The strict missions and destructive storms add vast amounts of challenge to this chaos theory making it stand out from the rest. This campaign also introduces the I-Rex and mososaurus/marine dinosaurs to the player.
Final ratings

  • Re-playability: 9/10
  • Challenge: 8/10
  • creativity: 10/10

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
The Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom chaos theory takes you back to Isla Nublar after the events of Jurassic World. Claire wants you to turn the island into a home for the dinosaurs. Before you do this you have to deal with multiple medical problems such as blood loss. This chaos theory had so much potential for a Lockward manor return but I guess not.
Final ratings

  • Re-playability: 4/10
  • Challenge: 4/10
  • creativity: 3/10

Jurassic World Dominion
The Jurassic World Dominion chaos theory came out with the Biosyn DLC. In this chaos theory you fend off from rustlers who want to steal your dinosaurs and sell them, the only way to stop them is with traps and ram into the with your Jeep (Max Verstappen style). This chaos theory also introduces the wrangling mechanic.
Final ratings

  • Re-playability: 7/10
  • Challenge: 7/10
  • creativity: 6/10


Challenge mode is for the best of the best aka me, jk. This game mode is so hard TheGamingBeaver himself made a series on it in JWE on Jurassic mode. Many people speedrun challenge mode against each other which I would suggest giving a go. IMPORTANT NOTE: Challenge mode has so many modes that I’m going to sum it up with as little as possible.

Base game challenges
The base game challenges are the original challenges from release of JWE 2. All maps are unique and have different settings with storms and wild dinosaurs for the player to adapt to.
The base game challenge maps are:

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Northwest USA
  • Southwest USA

Chaos theory challenges
The chaos theory challenges came out in a major update. In thses maps you travel to multiple locations and create your own park from scratch, save a park or race against the clock to build a park. Some maps may have dinosaurs ready for your arrival while some require you to send out expedition teams.
The chaos theory challenge maps are:

  • Jurassic Park
  • Jurassic Park San Diego
  • Jurassic Park Site B
  • Jurassic World
  • Jurassic World Return to Nublar

Campaign challanges
The campaign challenges came out in another major update. These challenge modes have you race against the clock, fix destroyed parks and create your own beginnings. The scenery differs per map with wild dinosaurs and the inclusion of tranquillise research.
The campaign challenge maps are:

  • Arizona breakout
  • Washington state wreckage
  • Pennsylvania headquarters
  • Oregon aviary
  • California photography


Sandbox is the ultimate place for creativity or destruction. You have all buildings unlocked and you can also customise the terrain, difficulty and much more. Sandbox has been favoured in recent updates.

In sandbox mode you have access to every map and 9 alternative flat maps that make the default maps look tiny. Some maps may not be available due to DLC, example: Biosyn valley.

Difficult can be key in sandbox mode. You can customise income tax and guest demands. You can also increase sabotage risks. You can play on creative with everything unlocked and create your dream park covered in decorations and dinosaurs with beautiful skins or you can gift yourself a challenge and play on standard and build your park up from nothing even on the flat mpas.

In sandbox mode everything is unlocked. All dinosaurs, expeditions and research is completed to the max if on creative but if it’s on standard or customised you can send out expeditions, extract fossils and create pre-historic life. All dinosaur comfort needs can be altered on creative/customised.

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