All Hidden Settings and Cheat Codes in Cities: Skylines II

Cheats, Weather/Disaster Control and more.


Short disclaimer, these all require you to have developer mode on, so your game may break.

  • Go to your Library
  • Right Click on Cities Skylines 2
  • Click Properties
  • Put this code into the Launch Option section
  • Load your save
  • Press Tab


  • Navigate to the Camera Tab.
  • Toggle Edge-scrolling off.

Weather Effects

  • Navigate to the Climate Tab.
  • Adjust the Precipitation slider to your liking.

Change Season

  • Navigate to the Simulation Tab.
  • Expand Weather & climate.
  • Drag the slider to change the season, unpause to make the changes come into effect.

Extra Speed Options

  • Look for Sim speed in the top half of the menu.
  • Adjust to your liking from, 1/8x, 1/4x, 1/2x, 1x, 2x, 4x, and to 8x


  • Navigate to the Gameplay Tab.
  • Here you can Unlock all, Get 200XP, Skip to the next MS (Milestone), get 500k Money, change fee amounts as well.
  • Navigate to the Simulation Tab.
  • Expand Economy
  • Here you can, get Superfast Building spawning, Superfast leveling, Reset Trade costs, Reset Land value, Reset Rents, Reset Services,
  • Expand Pollution, here you can Reset Pollution, change the pollution radius, Multipliers, and how much plants “fade”
  • With the developer panel open, you can press on a building and level it up.
  • Expand Electricity & Water
  • Here you can Disable Water & Sewage generation.


  • Navigate to the Simulation Tab.
  • Expand Triggers, here you can Create Chirps
  • Expand Start event
  • Here you can, Make a Lightning Strike Happen, Make it Valentines Day, Make there be a Flood, Tsunami, Tornado, a random building collapse, Forest Fire, Hail storm, Building Fire, etc.


  • Navigate to the GameRendering Tab
  • Expand Shaders

Disable Cims

  1. Toggle Didimo/HDRP/SG_CharacterSkin (Skin on Cims)
  2. Toggle Didimo/HDRP/SG_GenericCrowd (Eyes, and Teeth)
  3. Toggle Didimo/HDRP/SG_CharacterCloth (Clothing)
  4. Toggle BH/Characters/SG_HairCardsDyed (Hair)
  5. Toggle Didimo/HDRP/SG_CharacterGeneric (Accessories)

Disable Shiny Tire tracks on roads

  1. Toggle BH/Decals/CurvedDecalDeteriorat
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