All Important Locations in Palworld

Important locations in Palworld with towers, bosses, merchant Pals/egg spawns etc.

Palworld: All Syndicate Tower Locations

You might have encountered the first one early in the game. Whether you’ve defeated it or not, tackling these towers requires preparation, good gear, and the assistance of pals before attempting them. In this guide, we will walk you through the locations of all five Syndicate Towers available in the game.

Palworld: Best ore locations

Some of the best places to extract minerals

Palworld: skill fruit trees

A Skill Fruit tree in the wild. Skill Fruits are fruits you can obtain from strange looking trees that grow all over Palworld. They can be used to teach various Skills to your pals! Skill Fruits do not have to be given to Pal’s with the same typing, so a fire Pal can learn a water move or vice versa.

Palworld: Merchants & Pall Merchants

Palworld Merchants are diverse in types and can be found in various sections of the game, serving as essential NPCs for buying, selling, and trading. What sets them apart is the unique range of services they offer. While some focus solely on Pals, others specialize in ammunition, clothes, and gears.

Certain Merchants exclusively handle food and crafting materials, while elusive Black Marketers, though challenging to find, deal in powerful Pals and sales. Recognizing the locations of these Merchants is crucial, as both your survival and that of your Pals depend on their services.

Palworld: Egg spawns (include dragon eggs)

Collecting eggs and hatching them in Palworld is an excellent way of boosting your collection of Pals, though locating the specific ones you are looking for can be challenging.

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