All Suits in Dead Space 3 (Including Unobtainable Suits)

Dead Space 3 features a wide variety of suits for both Clarke and Carver. This guide serves as a manual for all the different suits available in the game. Please note that some suits are unobtainable or exclusive to certain sections of the game. Additionally, some suits in this guide do not have reference images.

Obtainable Suits

These suits can be unlocked in-game and may be obtained by simply playing through the game. However, others require specific methods to unlock.

EVA Suit

The EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) suit is an EarthGov affiliated lightweight space suit that is typically used for space travel. This suit is found inside of the USM Eudora, or Norton’s ship, and is the first suit Isaac obtains. This suit is necessary and will be found no matter what.

Trivia: This suit is technically one of the most modern and advanced suits obtainable in-game, as most of the other suits are sourced from Tau Volantis’ residents, who died over 200 years ago.

Arctic Survival Suit

The Arctic Survival suit is a S.C.A.F affiliated suit that is composed of synthetic fibers that protect the human body from extremely cold temperatures, making it ideal in the environment of Tau Volantis. This suit is also obtained regardless of the players actions, as its required to replace Clarke and Carver’s damaged suits. The suit is obtained in chapter 8.

Trivia: This suit is the most featured in promotional media, making it Dead Space™ 3’s iconic suit.

Archaeologist Suit

The Archaeologist suit is a S.C.A.F affiliated suit utilized by Tau Volantis’ scientists and archaeologists, at least that was before their eventual deaths. This suit appears to have been built off of the Arctic Survival suit, as it has a similar structure albeit with different colors and a very different helmet. This suit has be to manually found, and is located by an elevator that leads to a power generator for the furnace in Chapter 11.

Trivia: Clarke’s variant of the suit has a CEC logo on it, despite this being a S.C.A.F suit, this could potentially mean S.C.A.F’s archaeologists were taken from CEC.

Legionary Suit

The Legionary suit is a S.C.A.F affiliated military suit that is first seen in Dead Space™ 3’s prologue where it is seen worn by Tim Caufman. This suit is found in Chapter 14, although the wiki does not explicitly state if it is given or found.

Trivia: Enhanced Fodders (the guys with axes) appear to wear Legionary Suits covered in some sort of green slime.

Elite Suit

The Elite suit is a S.C.A.F affiliated military suit, and serves as a more advanced iteration of the Legionary suit. This suit first appears in Dead Space™ 3’s prologue and is worn by Sam Ackerman, an optional character who only appears to serve as the co-op partner if playing with another player.

It is the final suit unlocked in a first playthrough of Dead Space™ 3.

Trivia: This suit most likely belonged to the 163rd Squadron, “Reaper”, as its pauldron resembles the squadron’s logo.

Engineering/Security Suit

The Engineering suit is a CEC affiliated suit that is obtained upon completion of Dead Space™ 3 on any difficulty. It is a standard issued suit to CEC engineers, or any engineers really.

The Security suit is an EarthGov affiliated suit that is obtained upon completion of Dead Space™ 3 on any difficulty. It is an armored suit likely issued to EarthGov security. This is the alternative suit for Carver, as he does not get the Engineering suit.

Trivia: The CEC engineering suit is the most iconic Dead Space™ suit in the franchise without a doubt, featured in pretty much all of the Dead Space™ (2008) promotional material, as well as its remake.

Hostile Environment Suit

The Hostile Environment suit is a S.C.A.F affiliated suit that appears to resemble a reskinned Elite Suit, boasting arctic camo patterns instead of the Elite suit’s typical colors. It is unlocked upon completion of every single optional mission, which includes co-op missions.

Trivia: This suit has rather present similarities to that of the Arctic Security suit from Dead Space™ 2.

Deep Dig Suit

The Deep Dig suit is a S.C.A.F affiliated and extremely durable suit designed for use by asteroid crackers and long-haul salvage operators. The suit resembles the EVA suit, although with a darker color scheme and very different Helmet. This suit is received upon collection of every weapon part in-game, which includes weapon parts in co-op only areas.

Trivia: Carver’s iteration of this suit resembles an EVA suit with a different color palette, which does not make very much sense considering how the EVA suit would likely not be suitable for Salvaging as it was not designed for such a task.

Flight Suit

The Flight suit is a S.C.A.F affiliated suit specifically issued to S.C.A.F pilots, and appears to resemble the Deep Dig suit although with different colors. This suit can be unlocked by collecting every artifact in-game, including S.C.A.F, EarthGov, Unitologist, and Alien artifacts.

Trivia: The Flight suit is one of few suits to have the exact same appearance on both Clarke and Carver, although Carver has more red colors and a red visor.

N7 Suit

The N7 Suit is a non-affiliated suit that appears greatly to resemble the N7 Armor from the Mass Effect™ franchise, although it is not specifically modeled after the original armor, as it is actually just a reskin of the Security suit. It is obtained by having a Mass Effect™ 3 game save on your computer.

Trivia: Although it is easy to consider this as a fun non-canon suit, it would perfectly fit into the universe as the description states it is an item manufactured and distributed by Cosplay Intergalactic, making Mass Effect™ canonically a video game in Dead Space™’s universe.

Special Forces Suit

The Special Forces suit is a EarthGov affiliated military-grade suit that is worn by Earth Defense Force Special Operations soldiers, although it cannot be found in game and is exclusive to Carver. This suit is always worn by Carver in NPC form and is his first suit in co-op.

Trivia: This suit seems to be designed potentially just for Carver, as it features his exact scar on the helmet and no other members of the USM Eudora are wearing it.


Unobtainable or temporary suits are either suits that you can wear, but only for a certain section of the game before being replaced or are suits that went unused in the final game.

Hacker/Fanatic Suit

The Hacker/Fanatic suit is a non-affiliated suit that is worn by Clarke in the beginning of Dead Space™ 3, serving as a temporary suit before obtaining the EVA suit, which permanently removes the Hacker suit from the rest of the game. The Hacker suit can only ever be retrieved again through either cheating or playing through the beginning of the game again, although it will eventually be removed again. The Fanatic suit is a suit that is identical to the Hacker suit, although it is unused and only in the games files. The Hacker suit also appears in Dead Space™ 2, although as an actual suit that is obtained via Dead Space™ Ignition save file. That version of the suit has an actual helmet and thrusters.

Trivia: The shirt Clarke wears underneath the jacket appears to say “New Horizons, No Hope”.

Advanced Suit

The Advanced suit is a non affiliated suit that originally appears in Dead Space™ 2. In Dead Space™ 3 however, its exact purpose is unknown as it is an unused suit found in the files. There are also multiple variations of the suit, meaning it might have been added but ultimately went unused.

Trivia: Much like the CEC Engineering suit to Dead Space™ 1 and the Arctic Survival suit to Dead Space™ 3, the Advanced suit is Dead Space™ 2’s most iconic suit, and is used in most of that games promotional material.

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