Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia Rebirth – Crewmember Achievement Guide

Just a guide showing all locations with pictures to 100% the Crewmember achievement for Amnesia: Rebirth


There are 14 of Hank’s Notes in total to collect in Amnesia: Rebirth, and they all must be collected within the same playthrough.

It’s the first guide I’ve ever done, so it’s not going to have all the bells and whistles experienced guide writers would include in theirs, and I’m no genius with the English language, it’s just a pretty straight forward one with pictures to help guide you on the exact location of the notes.

Please leave a comment if my instructions are unclear and you think I could add more detail somewhere to make it clearer for anyone reading.


The Cassandra


Nicolas Masson – This one should be pretty straight forward. As soon as the opening sequence to the game has finished and you’re able to exit the plane, turn left and just to the tail of the plane is this first collectable.


Rachael Holt – After you collect Nicolas’ note, follow the path through the desert until you reach a cave entrance, where the next collectable is sitting on top of a brown desk underneath a box.

The Caves


Anastasie Trianon – As soon as you enter the cave, straight ahead of you on the right will be a sleeping bag, table, and lots of mess. Just beyond that is a suitcase on the ground with this collectable wedged inside. The image below is facing backwards towards the way you came in.


Eva Ritter – From directly behind the character in the image above, and no more than a few seconds away, you’ll see a wooden plank leading into a small cave area. Immediately to the right after reaching the top of the plank is a sleeping bag with a pillow on top. The collectable is tucked underneath the pillow.


Lukas Ritter – Progress through the cave system, you’ll eventually a pass a door on your right that has a note in front of a statue saying “Holy Mother, hear my plea” upon leaving and reaching the T-intersection at the end of the path, turn left. Just in front of you should be this collectable on the ground. If you reach the section where you are crossing narrow rock beams across a large gap, you’ve gone too far. (I decided to include a photo of the statue in-case it helped since it’s a dark area, and the actual location of the collectable in the second image is originally an unlit area.)

The Deeper Caves


Salim Hannachi – Progress through the cave system and you’ll eventually cross a narrow rock beam over a large gap into a room where there is a ladder to scale down. Right in this area, and behind you when you’re facing the ladder based on the first image below, is the collectable in a box in a small secluded area.

The Desert Paths


Jonathan Webber – You’ll come to a point where you’ll see a blue ghost-like figure flash before you at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Ascend these stairs, and immediately turn left and follow the path down to where you’ll see a fence you can’t progress past. To the right of the door in a container on the ground is the collectable.

The Fortress


Malick Tamboura – Immediately after entering the fortress, ascend the flight of stairs on your right, and just on the other side of the cannon at the top is this collectable.


Dr. Anton Metzier – Based on the image above, right behind you there’s a blue door next to a broken tank. After you enter, head straight to the far-right corner of the room to enter another door, turn left, then head straight all the way to the end of the corridor until you reach a broken elevator. To your left is a door. Travel this path past barrels whilst traversing over crumbled pillars, where at the end sitting on a mound of sand is this collectable.


Yasmin Chabani – After fixing the elevator and taking it up to the next floor, immediately take the corridor to your left and follow it right to the end where you’ll see this collectable on the floor partially obscured by some rubbish.

The Oasis


Alexander Melville Sterling – When you reach the opening where you see an oasis in full view surrounded by palm trees, hug the boundary to your right and after a short walk you’ll come across this collectable on the ground underneath a basket/container.


Richard Fairchild – After speaking to the doctor on the radio, and climbing a ladder to where you can see black smoke on the horizon, you should see a large rock formation in front of you with paths leading to the left and right. Head to the path on the right and just where that path begins there is another to your left leading up on top of the rock formation. Take this and over to the other side of the formation is this collectable next to a rug on the ground.

The Chamber of Pillars


Leon de Vries – When you reach the area with three massive pillars, head towards the flight of stairs nearby with a door obscured by collapsed pillars. When you have made it underneath, turn right and follow the corridor all the way to the end, then turn left through the doorway. Just ahead of you there is a wooden frame with a tomb-like structure with a lid on it you have to remove to reach the next collectable.

The Tower


James Henry Mitchell – Much, Much later, and right towards the end of the game, you’ll begin to take an elevator which will fail partially through its journey upwards. Leave through its roof and then traverse through the vent in which shortly after you’ll trigger a cut-scene. From there you’ll end up in an area with a fountain in the middle. Directly to the right on a bench next to a window is this final collectable.

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