Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia: Rebirth Trophies for PS4

Developer and publisher Frictional Games has officially released the Amnesia: Rebirth trophies for PlayStation 4.

According to the revealed trophy list, PS4 owners will be able to collect a total of 41 trophies for Amnesia: Rebirth, consisting of 30 bronze trophies, 6 silver trophies, 4 gold trophies, and 1 platinum trophy.

Amnesia: Rebirth was launched on PlayStation 4 on October 20, 2020, along with the release of the game on PC and Xbox One. If you’re one of the PlayStation trophy hunters, below is the complete list of Amnesia: Rebirth trophies.

Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia: Rebirth Trophies

  • Reborn
    Collected all the other trophies.

  • Amnesiac
    Awoke with fragmentary memories after the crash of the Cassandra.

  • Follower
    Followed Salim’s trail.

  • Dreamer
    Dreamed of Paris.

  • Widow
    Carried on with life, despite Salim’s fate.

  • Pilgrim
    Followed the pilgrim’s trail to take refuge in the fort.

  • Communicator
    Explored the inner fortress, and spoke to the doctor.

  • Gunner
    Fired a cannon at the fortress gate.

  • Pathfinder
    Found a way through the ruined cistern.

  • Nomad
    Travelled through the desert.

  • Somnambulist
    Took a walk in the park.

  • Fugitive
    Escaped the Shadow.

  • Tinkerer
    Activated the alchemists’ device.

  • Murderer
    Drained the fear and the life from a crewmember.

  • Traveller
    Activated a portal between worlds.

  • Diagnostician
    Operated a scanning device, and learned of a child’s illness.

  • Torturer
    Tortured an innocent to aid an unborn child.

  • Altruist
    Spared an innocent, perhaps dooming an unborn child.

  • Castaway
    Failed to reach a child, separated by deep waters.

  • Refugee
    Reached the doctor.

  • Mother
    Gave birth to a daughter, only to lose her.

  • Tasi
    Completed the story.

  • Harvester
    Left a daughter in the care of a god, and was reborn.

  • Provider
    Escaped to Paris with a daughter that must now be cared for.

  • Iconoclast
    Sacrificed everything to cast down a god and end suffering.

  • Stoic
    Resisted fear, and resisted anger.

  • Caregiver
    Took time to talk with an unborn child.

  • Archivist
    Collected notes to fill a journal.

  • Overlooked
    Kept quiet and still, and so escaped a predator’s gaze.

  • Trawler
    Found treasure beneath the water.

  • Speedster
    Completed the game faster than any Frictional developer.

  • Vandal
    Smashed lots of irreplaceable objects.

  • Escape Artist
    Escaped a cage in the Arsenal without setting off a grenade.

  • Nope, Merci!
    Left when things were getting interesting in Amnesia: Rebirth.

  • Translocator
    Sent extra objects through the portal in the Alchemist’s Chambers.

  • Historian
    Found an unfinished letter from an archaeologist to his sister.

  • Narcissist
    Gazed at a reflection in the water.

  • Curator
    Found all the memories recorded by others.

  • Crewmember
    Found all Hank’s notes on the crew of the Cassandra.

  • Can-opener
    Popped the lid on some carefully stored meat.

  • Lightbringer
    Burned a forest’s worth of matches to illuminate dark places.