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Among Us – 5 Things That Should Be Added In The Game

Among Us surely become a hit this year. The game has constantly managed to become one of the most played games on PC and mobile devices. With the great success of Among Us on these platforms, the developer has decided to port it on Nintendo Switch, which is now available for download.

Despite being a successful game, it feels that there are still some missing contents that players should be enjoying in Among Us. But what are these features? Below, we have compiled the list of features that Among Us developer should add in the game.

Among Us

The Top 5 Things Among Us Needs

Typing Icons

This one isn’t very important, but could be useful. During a discussion, there could be a little icon on the side of your screen with a crewmate (It also includes their name and color) and a keyboard, showing you that they’re currently typing something.


Also not that important, but there would be a reply button next to each player’s message. When you click it, you type what you’re going to say, but then it looks like this, “(Replying to <username>) I saw you with red.”

In-Game Achievements and Badges

There would be a button in the main menu that says, Achievements(or badges, it could go either way). When you click it, It gives you a list of achievements. After you complete all achievements in a group, for example, tasks completed total, 10/10 25/25 50/50 100/100, you would earn a badge you can be as a hat for completing these.

In-Game Currency and Item Shop

You would earn coins from stuff you do as a crewmate: task completed, impostor ejected, fixed sabotage reported body, and winning. And as an Impostor: killed player, called sabotage, innocent crewmate ejected and winning. At the end of the round, it gives you a summary of how many coins you’ve earned.

It would look like this, Tasks completed = 50 coins, reported 2 dead bodies = 30 coins, fixed sabotage = 20 coins, won the round = 30 coins, your total is. 130 Coins! Now, where would you spend these coins? At the main menu is a button that says item shop. Click it to see about 5 different items that rotate daily. You could but hats, skins, and pets(new pets, not the ones you pay real money for).

Map Editor

This is probably the best thing Among Us could add. From the main menu is a button that says Map Editor. Click to see a list of your maps. Click the Create New Map button to enter the editor. On the left is an asset browser. On the right is a grid snap button and a configure button. In the asset browser, there are 3 buttons that say The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus.

When you click them, it displays the assets from those maps. You can mix up parts from each map to make something cool. Structure pieces, like walls and floors, have a built-in grid snap, and can only be rotated at 90-degree angles. Props can be placed anywhere unless you press the grid snap button at the top right of your screen.

There is a subcategory that says special. It contains all of the tasks, vents, cameras, and the emergency meeting button. There is a button on the right of your screen that says Eject Animation. Click it to select the eject animation from The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus. The configure button lets you connect vents together, change the color of objects, move camera locations, and change task interaction zones. Publish your map to the Steam workshop.

You can play your map or one you downloaded with anyone. When hosting, Select the map you’re on, and click custom. You can select download maps or maps that you’ve made that are published. When playing on a map that is custom, you only earn 10% of the normal amount of coins.

This is to keep people from making maps that farm coins. If Innersloth approves your map themselves, It gets a fancy “Innersloth Approved” sticker, and now earns 100 % of coins. Mobile users do not have a map editor but can still join lobbies with custom maps. Most people would then decide to get the PC version and support the developers.

Switch users have the same features that the PC has because they paid money. The Switch version would have to have an alternative way of publishing and downloading maps.

We would like to thank krage for submitting this Among Us guide.

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