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Angel Wings – Complete Jei’s Route Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can complete Jei’s route in Angel Wings. If you’re one of the players having a hard time completing this character route, this guide is for you.

Before we start, please note that this guide may contain spoilers of the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

Who is Jei?

Jei is a sweet girl with a very thorny attitude. She’s a great waitress, sweet friend, and you find her incredibly loyal. Don’t hurt her, man. She’s really precious. Her appearance is based on Yeji from the group ITZY. And she is working for Korean Danny Devito.

Jei’s Endings

Some of these may be out of order, depending on your route. I did my route by Route Selection, so adding the right answers at the right point in time for other routes that have more girls could be spotty. I might even miss an interaction, but it probably doesn’t matter if it’s not up here. These are all the choices that will give you results.

  • Medium Ending – I don’t know how to really describe this ending.
  • Good Ending – You team up with Korean Danny Devito (the Boss of Jimmy’s Bar) to storm the hotel Jei is meeting Gray and the execs at.

Save Jei from the SoundCloud Rapper

These are the Route Selection choices. There could be any of these choices for others.  I’m going to set a +0 value for their options.

Before the Beach

The breakpoint for Jei’s Good Ending is 11+, plus the condition.

Value Option
+1 Snap back.
+0 It’s good

Renter’s Form

  • +2 Charisma, +2 Insight, +2 Vitality
+0 Why don’t you help me out?
+0 Stand up for yourself.
+0 Help her out.
+0 Ask for help.

Your directions got me lost again.

  • Both are +0
+1 Sure.
+0 A little.
+0 I couldn’t have done this without Hyedong’s help.
+1 Ask Jei to join.
+1 More side dishes.

I must have missed it.

  • Both give +0
+1 Hyedong makes me want to drink.
+1 Beer.
+0 I came to visit you.

Have fun!

  • Both give +0
+1 Be a regular human being and say hello.

I think so.

  • “I’m just doing it for myself.” gives -1 to all except Kei.
+1 Tease her anyway.
+0 Ask about her photos.

Ask 1 question, then “Nothing to say.”

  • If her convo points = 0, it’s +0.
  • You need 1 convo point.
+0 I could stop by and keep you company.
+1 Yeah.

Yeah, it’s boring.

  • Both give +0.

The Beach

Value Option
+1 Kei’s car.
+1 Let it go.
+0 Jei and Hyedong
+1 Help Jei.
+0 I like it.
+0 Yeah.
+1 Jei
Bunk next to Jei

After the Beach

Value Option
+0 Grab a little bit of everything.
+1 Grab a drink and come back.

Oh yeah.

  • Both give +0
  • You wouldn’t turn down a free drink IRL, right?


  • Help Jei put the booze back in the truck.

It’s fine. Really.

  • Both give +0

It sucks.

  • “There’s always Gray.” gives -1
+0 And who’s that?
Tornado Potato

Tornado Potato

  • Tornado Potato
+1 Sure.
+0 I do.
+0 I miss her.
+0 Dreams are what keep us going.

Medium Ending

Even with +1 on everything, it’s impossible to mess this up.

Value Option
+0 Nothing happened.
+0 Don’t follow him.

Good Ending

If you’ve selected every +1, you’ll be fine for this. Say hi to Korean Danny Devito for me.

Value Option
+0 Nothing happened.
+0 Follow him.
+0 Tell her.

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