Animal Rescuer

Animal Rescuer – Beginner’s Guide to Warrior Skills

This guide will be covering the basic information about the warrior abilities of our hero,  the use of swords, arena fights, the use of quick-access food, breakable boxes and special swords.

If you’re a new player of Animal Rescuer, also check our beginner’s guide to animals and plant and medicine.

Attack Mode/Lock-on-Target

Our hero automatically draws his sword when he notices any enemy. If you are on target while in attack mode (Keyboard [Q], the controller [RB]), your hits will directly target the enemy.

Our hero cannot jump while in attack mode, you have to exit attack mode. To exit attack mode (Keyboard [C], controller [LT]).

Heavy Attack

With the heavy attack, you can make a continuous hit, so enemies cannot block you during this hit. The heavy attack is done by holding down (Left mouse, the controller [RT]) key.


You can find the swords you have from this menu:

Animal Rescuer

You can equip a sword you have from here (if your level is sufficient):

Animal Rescuer

The swords have different attack characteristics. Equip the sword that suits you best!

Special Swords

You can buy and sell swords from any blacksmith, which you can find in almost every city or village. However, for some special swords; There are missions to complete or bosses to be destroyed. If these are completed, you can own the sword and trade in any blacksmith.

Special sword: Razzomgurat

  • To obtain this sword, the animal hospital in Yrannoris must be restored.

Animal Rescuer

Arena Fight

There are 7 tournaments of different difficulty levels in the arena. Choose the level that’s right for you, demonstrate your warrior skills for excellent rewards!

Check the world-map to reach the arena. First, reach Phaebreth and find the gondolier at the pier.

Animal Rescuer

Quick Access Item

Choose your favorite food and consume it by using the key (Keyboard [1], controller [Y]) while fighting. Favorite food is shown in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Animal Rescuer

Break the Boxes

You can get food by breaking these boxes that you see around.

And that’s everything for this warrior skills guide for Animal Rescuer. Credits to Turquoise Revival Games, the game developer, for this Animal Rescuer guide.

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