Anime Expo 2020 Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

With the on-going global Coronavirus outbreak, the Promotion of Japanese Animation has announced that the upcoming Anime Expo 2020 has been cancelled. The supposed event was set at LA Convention Center on July 2, 2020.

It’s been many years have passed and this is the first time that the management decides to postpone the Anime Expo. Anime Expo was an event where many anime fans and creators gather to introduce new anime coming to the industry. In addition, some video games related to anime are also being revealed on this event.

“This is a day my team and I hoped wouldn’t come, but it is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the cancellation of Anime Expo 2020,” The Society of the Promotion of Japanese Animation CEO said.

“Our utmost concern is for the health and safety of our amazing Anime Expo community. We understand your disappointment as we are anime fans first and foremost too,” CEO Ray Chiang added.

Anime Expo 2020 is not the only event that is being cancelled due to the virus outbreak. Last month, one of the most anticipated video game event, E3 2020, has also been postponed for the same reason.

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