Antigraviator Achievement Walkthrough and Tips

The goal of this guide is to explain how to get all the achievements in the game! You will find detailed explanations of the achievements to be done, accompanied by screenshots and Youtube videos for some additional details.


  • Information related to obtaining 100%
  • Time required: Between 15 & 20 hours Depending on the player and his skill
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Online: 1 Achievement

No DLC needed

Online Mode

I will start with this part, because as some people know, this game mode is no longer available…

BUT! You will unlock the achievement the first time you reach the Main Menu (after the Tutorial).

Spoils to the Victor
Win an Online Race

This is because the developers made an amazing choice to give the achievement to everyone after the server shutdown. So don’t worry you still can get your 100% Achievements.


You will start your journey with a tutorial to learn the rules of this game

After completing this mode you’ll access to the Main Menu of the game and earn, normaly, 2 achievements:

  • Spoils to the Victor: We already talked about this Achievement just before
  • Respawn Avoider: The fact that you won’t die during the tutorial (normally haha), you should unlock it (otherwise it will unlock during your Campaign)

Respawn Avoider
Do not die during a race

I encourage you to continue with the Campaign after the Tutorial is complete and that’s what we will talk about in the next section.


Campaign Mode will be your first objective.

You must complete the 8 Leagues, which all contain 4 races each (not including those in the “Viper Trails” DLC), to have access to the 2 achievements of this game mode.

To be precise, here are the Leagues to complete:

  • Novice League
  • Rookie League
  • Amateur League
  • Bronze League
  • Silver League
  • Gold League
  • Platinum League
  • Legends League

To have access to the next League, you need to win the previous one.

During these races, you will normaly earn some achievements

  • Well travelled: who will be unlocked during the Bronze League
  • First Timer: for doing your first race
  • And some others Achievements which we will see in detail in the Miscellaneous section

Note: The “Well Travelled” achievement was bugged before, but it been totally patch and can be unlock normally now!

Rocket-powered Rookie
Finish the Rookie League

Absolute Legend
Finish the Legends League

Well Travelled
Play all the maps in the game

First Timer
Finish your first race

Items Achievements & Hangar

Some achievements require you to buy all the things of the game in the Hangar Tab.

You will have to buy all the “Gravs” (the Main part of the Vehicle) and for each Grav you will have to acquire all of this:

  • Wings
  • Trans
  • Plating
  • Skins (in the Appearance Tab)

Among the Gravs to buy, you will find the X1Z1 and the Crocco, necessary for 2 Achievements!

You will need at least:

  • 11 140 000 Credits, without the DLC (you can tell me on the comment if it’s working)
  • 24 740 000 Credits, if you installed the Viper Trails DLC

As I said before, you can just try to completely finish the Campaign and farm Credits on the Legends League if you need some more afterward!

Open for Business
Buy your first item

Power Up
Unlock the X1Z1

Make it Snappy
Unlock the Crocco

Sold Out
Buy all items

Grinding Achievements & Quick Race

Now, if you have done all the above sections, normally you will need some Grinding Achievements and maybe some Hidden Achievements.

For now I will talk about the Grindding Achievements:

  • 400 Countdown Races
  • 400 Death Races
  • 400 Quick Races (it’s not clear, it means “Single Races”)
  • Trigger 500 Traps

All of thoses achievements can be done in Quick Race (but you can do it in Campaign aswell.)

There are tricks to speed up these achievements, Really fast.

They are some automatic way to do it, like using AutoHotKey but I don’t really know if I can talk about that on this guide.

For the 500 traps, they are a very simple way to complete it.

First of all, you will need to play with a Controller and select a map in the Single mode with a second player as Human (using the Keyboard).
After that, bring one of the 2 players (it doesn’t matter) in front a trap and the other one need to be far behind in front of a Power Capsule. The tips beggin now :

  • The vehicle in front the trap will not move during all the trick,
  • The 2nd player will take 2 Power capsule and press the Trap button, again and again. You can trigger the same trap 500 times and it’s quick like each 4 seconds (I think).

If you trigger the trap with the 1st or 2nd player, it doesn’t matter, it will count for the achievement. Trust me I tried it and I’ve done it with the 2nd player

Play 400 countdown races

No Fear of Death
Compete in 400 death races

Speed Freak
Play 400 quick races

Master Trapper
Set 500 traps that get triggered

Miscellaneous Achievements

Won by a Nose
Win a race with second place finishing within 0.5 seconds of you

If you didn’t get this achievement during the campaign, just start a Quick Race, in Single Race Type with only 1 Lap and using a Controller (to control the 2nd player with the keyboard).

Take the full tour with the 2 vehicles but don’t cross the finish line. Once you’ve done that with both of them, cross the finish line at the same time and you’ll unlock the achievement.

Too Fast Too Furious
You lapped someone

Well, it’s very simple and you should unlock it during the Campaign, but if you didn’t, just start a Quick Race Mode, in Single Race Type with 2 Laps and using a Controller.

Let the 2nd player idle and just finish the Race with the 1st vehicle : when you will pass in front of the 2nd player you might unlock the achievement (or maybe when you completely finish the Race, I don’t remember to be honest)

Note: This achievement was bugged before, but it been totally patch and can be unlock normally now.

Good as New
Avoid taking damage during a race

You will certainly not have unlocked this achievement which is just impossible to unlock in Campaign (with all the traps and collisions between vehicles).

But, it’s very easy to get it in the Quick Race Mode.

Just start a Pure Race Type, select only 1 Lap and remove all the opponents (the Pure Race require only 1 player to start so it’s perfect.)

Now, just finish the Race “Slowly but Surely”, without hitting anything and you will unlock this achievement!

Steady Eddy
Keep a constant speed

The explanation of this achievement is not clear enough, nobody really knows the exact prerequisites…

All I’m sure of, is that I unlocked it at the finish line of a race where I used very regularly Boosts and Power Cells without hitting the walls for almost an entire circuit lap and with a constant speed of around 700 km/h.

If you haven’t unlocked it during your Campaign, I can advise you to do 2 to 3 laps of a circuit that you know well and to use your power boosts well to keep a speed close to or above 700 km/h during a lap.

But keep in mind that you will most certainly get it during your Campaign sessions.

Hang Time
Make the bridge jump in Serpentine Valley

To achieve this achievement, you will have to jump to land on the bridge of a certain map of the game.

First, go to Quick Race Mode and start a Training Race Type on the Serpentine Valley Map.

Before, make sure you have a good amount of “Pickup” Power cells, like 8 or 10, it’s very important.

After that, once you pass the Looping and the Hairpin Bend, you will have to perform a good acceleration and take the jump on your right (which you can see on the screenshot below), while tightening on your left to land on the bridge in front of you.

Use all the Power cells you have and don’t miss the Boostpads on the road.

Once you land on the bridge, you should receive the achievement.

Sonic Boomer
Break the Soundbarrier

The “Sound Barrier” (in Real Life) is caused when a plane reaches 1,200 km/h… This lets you maybe imagine what speed you have to reach in-game. However for this achievement, the speed to reach is not exactly 1,200 but only 1,000 km/h and this is still quite high. You will surely not have unlocked it during the Campaign with all the traps and collisions.

The Best Way that I have found (which was explained in the guide that I presented a little above) is to take the X1Z1 Class Grav with the following items :

  • X1Z1 High Acceleration Wing
  • X1Z1 Basic Transmission
  • X1Z1 Capacitator Plating

It will allow you to make a good compromise between Acceleration and Handling with 10 Pickup Storage for Power Cells, to keep your speed.

After that go in Quick Race Mode, start a Training Race Type on the Nevelmale Pass Map.

Once in game, completely fill your boost gauge, try to reach a fairly high speed (over 500 km/h) and reach the “tunnel” with 4 BoostPads on the ground (this is the start of the big line right to the desired speed.).

You will have to take the 4 BoostPads, then use one by one (with a little time between each) some power boosts using your normally filled gauge that you should fill again after the next 2 turns. Keep using your boosts while keeping a few, once you get to the rocky place go down to your right and spam all your boosts (while trying to recharge them with Power Cells) and don’t miss any boostpads: there there are 3 in all on this path.

If all this has been done well, you should reach 1,000 km/h towards the end of the straight line and unlock the achievement.

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