Antonball Deluxe Save Game Location

Since Antonball Deluxe does not support Steam Cloud Saves, here’s where you can likely find your save data on both PC and Steam Deck.

PC Save Game Location

C:\Users\[CURRENT USER HERE]\AppData\Local\Antonball_Deluxe\antonball_save_data.sav

Steam Deck Save Game Location


Additional Notes

  • I haven’t tested it myself, but changing Proton versions on Steam Deck may or may not wipe your save data. Therefore, it’s a good idea to back up your save files as a precaution. You’re welcome for the suggestion.
  • I cannot guarantee that your save data will be exactly where I mentioned earlier, but it should be located there based on general practices.
  • To the team at Summitsphere, I understand that you are busy with Antonblast, but I would recommend considering the lack of cloud saves in Antonball Deluxe. The game runs flawlessly on Steam Deck despite being marked as “Unknown” in terms of compatibility. However, the absence of cloud saves might be a limiting factor for some players.

Best of luck with Antonblast, Summit! If any of you from the team happen to see this message, I wish you all the best.

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