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Apex Legends – How to Solo Climb From Bronze to Platinum Rank

This guide will be giving you the best tips on how to climb from Bronze to Platinum if you’re a solo player in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends

Journey to Platinum Rank in Apex Legends

Pick a Strong Legends

As of writing, the strongest legends to solo climb are Bloodhound, Wraith, and Horizon. Pathfinder was nerfed long ago and is now considered as one of the weakest legends, major hitbox and passive nerfs, Horizon is Pathfinder 2.0. All legends have pros and cons, but the ones listed above are the strongest to solo climbing in Season 7.

Note: Always check the changelog of the newest update to see which legends have been nerfed and buffed.

Pick a Strong Weapon

Hemlock is currently OP and should always be used when found, the Volt is also S+ and should be your other priority. The R-99 is a high risk, high reward weapon. On average you’ll do better using the Volt.

Optimize Your Graphics Settings

You want to have a minimum of 90 FPS all the time, even if you only have a 60 hz refresh rate monitor!

How to Work Around Random Squad Members

If you get bad or low skill squad members, play more passive and safe. Use medium to long-range weapons, stick to circle edges, just play more slowly and carefully trying to stay alive.

Likewise… If you get good or same skill squad members, play more aggressive and take bigger risks. Use short to medium range weapons, actively look to engage other groups and just enjoy yourself.

Drop in the Right Place

Do not drop where there are 3+ other groups going! You want 1 or less other squads in your drop zone. You should jump at 400-450m from your target dropzone to get there first and aim straight to stay at a constant 148 m/s.

Secrets to Get the Most RP

  • Staying alive is the key to climbing, not kills. RP per match is capped at a combination of 5 kills or assists.
  • Aiming to stay alive until you’re in the top 10 will almost guarantee a steady climb.
  • Do not throw games. If you have bad or low skilled squad members, try to get top 5 by only engaging fights which are in your advantage.
  • Do not try to shoot at everyone and get every kill.

Tier Advice

  • Bronze – Just queue!
  • Silver – Just queue and breathe, nothing special needed to climb
  • Gold – You’ll need to out-think rather than just constant shooting. Do not try to shoot everyone and get every kill.

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