Frozen Flame

Frozen Flame Controls Guide for PC

This page offers a list of all Frozen Flame controls and keyboard shortcuts for Windows PC. Frozen Flame is an open-world survival video game developed by Dreamside Interactive. The game is currently available on PC via Steam for $25.49 USD. Note that this price may change depending on your region.

Frozen Flame Controls

The following are the default Frozen Flame key bindings. You can change these default controls by going to Settings > Controls tab.

تقدم إلى الأمامدبليو
تحرك للخلفس
تحرك يساراأ
تحرك يميناد
Jumpمفتاح المسافة
Inventoryفاتورة غير مدفوعة
Light AttackLeft Mouse Button
BlockRight Mouse Button
Quick Access Slot 11
Quick Access Slot 22
Quick Access Slot 33
Quick Access Slot 44
Quick Access Slot 55
Quick Access Slot 66
Quick Access Slot 77
Quick Access Slot 88
Ability Slot 1Z
Ability Slot 2X
Ability Slot 3ج
CrouchLeft Ctrl
Sprintالتحول الأيسر
Book of Memoriesب
Hide User InterfaceF10
Frozen Flame Controls

Note that there are some unassigned actions in the game, including the Dodge action. We highly recommend that you add your desired key to this action.