Wild Park Manager Achievements Walkthrough Guide

A compact guide to the Steam achievements for Kairosoft’s Wild Park Manager.

Scientifically proven placement.

Proof that the combo was placed.

  • Simply create a combo. You can view unlocked combos by visiting Menu > Info > Combos.
    Tips: A good list of combos can be found on the Wiki. Check the Resources section for a link to the list.

A fun park life.

Proof of discovering more than 25 species of animals.

  • Inviting animals to the park is a crucial gameplay element. You’ll likely unlock this achievement naturally, but you can focus on it to complete it quicker.
    Tips: More animal species are unlocked as you play alongside higher park stats. Placing objects, building zones, and completing challenges reveals more animals. Inviting animals is a gamble so saving before an invitation can ensure you don’t waste your resources. Just quit if the invitation fails and reload.

Rumored entry No.3.

Proof of winning the contest more than 30 times.

  • Win 30 contests. Contests are accessed through Menu > Action > Contests. More contests will unlock as you win existing competitions. Each contest can be won three times and winning the first 10 contests three times each will unlock the achievement.
    Tips: Contests are held for different elements of your park. Having high stats before attempting the contest will help you win, of course. Making sure you have plenty facilities, scenery, and other amenities will increase your likelihood of winning.

Nonstop Challenger.

Proof of clearing more than 20 types of challenges.

  • Clear 20 challenges. Challenges appear each year on Month 1, Month 4, Month 7, and Month 10. They cost gold to enter and are completed over one “day” of playtime.
    Tips: Visitor stats and frequency really affect whether or not a challenge is successful. The Flair stat is helpful when growing trees while the Caring stat is good for animals. It is essential to invest in the Easy Mode unlock. Go to Menu > Action > Synthesis to research Easy Mode. It has 10 ranks and costs Marble and Obsidian.

A space surrounded by comfort.

Proof of running the park for many years.

  • Play a save until Year 16, Month 3. This will unlock the achievement and the ability to use the game’s fast mode.

A park that is perfect for robots.

Proof that the Kairo Park Heroes have arrived.

  • There are a couple of steps to unlock this achievement. First, you must reach #1 in the Kairo Park rankings. The Kairo Park rankings are the last of the rankings that are rewarded at the end of the year. Reaching #1 rank unlocks the Kairo House as a reward. Next, simply place the Kairo House in your park and the Kairo Park Heroes will begin visiting the park.

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