Arma Reforger

Arma Reforger PC Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

Arma Reforger has finally arrived and fans are now flocking to join the Cold War. Developer Bohemia Interactive has prepared a lot of actions in the game and your task is to defeat all the enemies on your way. For players who are just getting started, this guide will show you the full list of Arma Reforger controls.

Arma Reforger Controls

Before we start, be reminded that you can change and modify these default Arma Reforger key bindings and shortcuts.

Perform ActionY
FocusRight Mouse Button (Hold)
Focus while DrivingRight Mouse Button (Hold)
FreelookLeft Alt
Toggle FreelookLeft Alt (Double Tap)
Toggle PerspectiveNum Enter / Backspace
Show Player ListP
TalkT (Hold)
Talk Over RadioCaps Lock (Hold)
Talk (Toggle)T / Caps Lock (Double Tap)
Select Active RadioG
Open InventoryTab
Quick SlotTab (Hold)
Use ItemR
Toggle SightsRight Mouse Button
CompassK / K (Hold)
FlashlightL / L (Hold)
WristwatchO / O (Hold)
Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Strafe LeftA
Strafe RightD
SprintLeft Shift
Toggle SprintLeft Shift (Double Tap)
Adjust Movement SpeedMouse Scroll
Adjust StanceLeft Ctrl + Mouse Scroll
Crouch or StandX
Lean LeftQ
Lean RightE
Toggle Lean LeftQ (Double Tap)
Toggle Lean RightE (Double Tap)
Adjust Leaning LeftQ
Adjust Leaning RightE
Point with Finger BrieflyC
Point with Finger Briefly ContinouslyC (Hold)
Steer LeftA
Steer RightD
Full ThrottleLeft Shift
Toggle Full ThrottleLeft Shift (Double Tap)
Exit VehicleX
Persistent HandbrakeSpacebar (Double Tap)
Start EngineR (Hold)
Stop EngineR
Gear Shift UpE
Gear Shift DownQ
Sound HornMiddle Mouse Button
FireLeft Mouse Button
ThrowLeft Mouse Button
Melee AttackMiddle Mouse Button
Cycle Fire ModesV
Toggle Weapon MuzzleV (Hold)
Toggle Weapon SafetyDel
Lower WeaponLeft Ctrl (Double Tap)
Toggle SightsRight Mouse Button
Sight Range UpPage Up
Sight Range DownPage Down
Sight Range Up While AimingPage Up
Sight Range Down While AimingPage Down
Zoom In+
Zoom Out
Toggle IlluminationLeft Alt + Middle Mouse Button
Elevation UpW
Elevation DownS
Traverse LeftA
Traverse RightD
FireLeft Mouse Button
Next WeaponV
Toggle SightsRight Mouse Button
Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
Move UpQ
Move DownZ
Move Towards or Away From CursorMouse Wheel
Rotation ModifierRight Mouse Button
Rotate Down/UpNum 8 or 2
Rotate Left/RightNum 6 or 4
Adjust SpeedMouse Wheel
Reset Adjusted SpeedMiddle Mouse Button
Temporary Speed BoostLeft Shift
Teleport Under CursorF
Teleport to PlayerHome
Teleport Player Under CursorSpacebar
Toggle FlashlightL
Show/Hide User InterfaceH
Focus on CursorR
Reser FocusLeft Ctrl + R
Attach to TargetB
Save Current Camera to Slot 1Left Ctrl | F1
Save Current Camera to Slot 2Left Ctrl | F2
Save Current Camera to Slot 3Left Ctrl | F3
Save Current Camera to Slot 4Left Ctrl | F4
Save Current Camera to Slot 5Left Ctrl | F5
Save Current Camera to Slot 6Left Ctrl | F6
Save Current Camera to Slot 7Left Ctrl | F7
Save Current Camera to Slot 8Left Ctrl | F8
Save Current Camera to Slot 9Left Ctrl | F9
Save Current Camera to Slot 10Left Ctrl | F10
Load Camera From Slot 1F1
Load Camera From Slot 2F2
Load Camera From Slot 3F3
Load Camera From Slot 4F4
Load Camera From Slot 5F5
Load Camera From Slot 6F6
Load Camera From Slot 7F7
Load Camera From Slot 8F8
Load Camera From Slot 9F9
Load Camera From Slot 10F10
Game Master
Toggle Game Master InterfaceY (Hold)
Ping Position Under CursorY
Cast LightningG (Double Tap)
Open Scenario PropertiesV
Place PlayerSpacebar
Take Temporary Control of AIC
Open Entity BrowserTab
Select All Entities in ViewCtrl + A
Open Context MenuRight Mouse Button
Delete EntityDel
Destroy EntityEnd
Move Camera to NotificationE
Toggle MapM
Show/Hide User InterfaceI
Previous Mode(
Next Mode)
Save Current Selection to Slot 1Left Ctrl | 1
Save Current Selection to Slot 2Left Ctrl | 2
Save Current Selection to Slot 3Left Ctrl | 3
Save Current Selection to Slot 4Left Ctrl | 4
Save Current Selection to Slot 5Left Ctrl | 5
Save Current Selection to Slot 6Left Ctrl | 6
Save Current Selection to Slot 7Left Ctrl | 7
Save Current Selection to Slot 8Left Ctrl | 8
Save Current Selection to Slot 9Left Ctrl | 9
Save Current Selection to Slot 10Left Ctrl | 0
Load Selection From Slot 11
Load Selection From Slot 22
Load Selection From Slot 33
Load Selection From Slot 44
Load Selection From Slot 55
Load Selection From Slot 66
Load Selection From Slot 77
Load Selection From Slot 88
Load Selection From Slot 99
Load Selection From Slot 100
Arma Reforger Controls

Apart from the keyboard and mouse support, did you know that you can also enjoy playing Arma Reforger using a controller? Below are the default button bindings that you should know before playing the game with a gamepad controller.

Perform ActionY
Focus While DrivingR3
FreelookRight Analog Stick
Toggle PerspectiveR3 (Double)
ChatY + LB
Show Player ListMenu Button + RB
Select Direct/Radio TalkLB (Hold) | B
Select Active RadioLB (Hold) | X
Open InventoryView Button
Quick SlotsView Button (Hold)
Use ItemX
Toggle SightsLT
Sights (Hold)LT (Hold)
MovementLeft Analog Stick
Toggle SprintL3
Adjust StanceRB + Right Analog Stick Up or Down
Crouch or StandB
ProneB (Hold)
Adjust LeaningRB | Right Analog Stick Left or Right
Point With Finger BrieflyRB + D-Pad Right
Point With Finger Briefly ContinuouslyRB + D-Pad Right (Hold)
Full ThrottleRT
Exit VehicleB
Persistent HandbrakeRB + A
Start EngineRB + Y (Hold)
Stop EngineRB + Y
Sound HornL3
Melee AttackLB + RB
Cycle Fire ModesRB
Toggle Weapon MuzzleRB + Y
Toggle Weapon SafetyRB + B
Lower WeaponRB + A
Toggle SightsLT
Sights (Hold)LT (Hold)
Toggle IlluminationRB + D-Pad Up
Next WeaponRB
Toggle SightsLT
Sights (Hold)LT (Hold)
RotationRight Analog Stick
Toggle Permanent Speed BoostL3
Teleport Under CursorR3
Teleport to PlayerR3 (Hold)
Toggle FlashlightRB + R3
Focus on CursorA
Reset FocusA (Hold)
Attach to TargetRB + R3 (Hold)
Game Master
Toggle Game Master InterfaceMenu Button + LB
Ping Position Under CursorRB + D-Pad Left
Open Scenario PropertiesView Button (Hold)
Place PlayerA (Hold)
Open Entity BrowserView Button
Open Context MenuX (Hold)
Move Camera to NotificationRB + R3
Toggle MapMenu Button (Hold)
Show/Hide User InterfaceRB + D-Pad Up
Arma Reforger Gamepad Controls

Please note that there are lots of unassigned actions in the game. We highly recommend visiting the Controls section in the Settings menu and assigning your desired keys to these actions.

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