Aron’s Adventure – A Weapon Guide for Starters

Guide on weapons for beginners. This is all purely my opinions and observations throughout this game (so far, I will update when finished). Player experiences may vary from what is written in this guide.

Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield, the first set of weapons you get within the game, and by far the most balanced.

Easy to use, allows for a safe play through, and all around good time.

Later through the game, I will leave specific details out for spoiler reasons, you get a shield bash, and some new combos.

After testing the weapons somewhat thoroughly, the sword and shield is actually the fastest weapon in the game.

RECOMMENDED: If you wanna feel like a true knight.

Heavy Sword

The heavy sword is my personal favorite when dealing with large groups of enemies.

It uses a lot of stamina, in exchange for cleaving, and damage.

I don’t have much more to say… yeah

RECOMMENDED: If you believe in your own abilities to dodge and if you wanna just clear groups of enemies faster. (not necessarily saying that its the best, but its ability to cleave is unmatched.)

Dual Blades

Second fastest weapon in the game.

Combos well, in my experience, the chance to stagger an enemy is really low compared to other weapons.

Also, the effect on the Dual Blades is the coolest looking.

RECOMMENDED: If you wanna feel like an edgy protagonist.

Elven Blade

I have mixed feelings when it comes to this weapon if I am, to be honest, but it’s a solid weapon nonetheless.

Almost feels like a mix between the speed of the Duel Blades and the Heavy Sword.

A little slower than the Duel Blades and has a does a little less damage(per hit) than the Heavy Sword.

RECOMMENDED: For an elegant look in combat.


Third fastest weapon in the game.

Combos flow well and damage seems pretty standard.

They kinda have a story thing.

RECOMMENDED: If you wanna be like Darth Maul!

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