Arx Fatalis – How to Manage Your Keys

In this guide, we will provide instructions on how to merge your keys into a single inventory slot in the game Arx Fatalis.


Imagine that you have just started playing Arx Fatalis and you have come across a key. You naturally pick it up, but it takes up an inventory slot. Later on, you find the door that the key unlocks and you use it, but to your surprise, the key doesn’t disappear. Instead, it stays in your inventory, allowing you to re-lock the door. As you progress in the game, you find more keys, each taking up an inventory slot, and you start to get confused as many of them look similar and lack proper descriptions.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are several options you can consider. One option is to drop the key near the item it unlocks, assuming it only unlocks one item. Another option is to store the key inside the chest it unlocks. You could also pick a dedicated chest to store all of your keys since they won’t respawn and forget about them. Personally, I opted for the latter solution and stored all my keys in a dedicated chest for around half of my playthrough.

Interesting! It seems there might be an easier solution to managing all those keys in Arx Fatalis. Surprisingly, this method is not mentioned by any character in the game and there are no objectives that point to it. I discovered this little secret while browsing through old forums on the internet. It’s called a key ring – a magical item that can make managing your keys a lot easier.


As you begin your journey in Arx Fatalis, you will eventually reach the human city of Arx. Once there, you’ll notice a teleporter nearby – this will be your only means of fast travel throughout the game. Just behind the teleporter, you’ll find the gate to a crypt, and beside it is a house with its entrance located next to a little girl, as shown in the picture.

Upon entering the house beside the crypt gate in Arx Fatalis, you’ll find a shop run by Maria, the little girl’s mother. Inside, you’ll see several racks with treasure chests, just like in any other shop. However, there’s a little secret to be discovered – make your way to the rack located on the wall behind Maria and open the top right chest. Inside, you’ll find the key ring! This item will cost you 115 gold, so be prepared to spend some of your hard-earned coins. However, don’t be fooled – it can be easily overlooked as it looks similar to other rings you may have found that simply buff your stats or can be sold for money. Simply drag it to your inventory and you’re ready to go.


Now that you have the key ring in your possession, combining all your keys with this item is a breeze. To do so, simply double-click on the key you want to combine and then click it on the item you want to lock or unlock. Despite its appearance, the key ring can hold all of your keys, so there’s no need to worry about running out of space. Once the keys are combined with the key ring, you no longer have to manually pick which key to use. Instead, you can use the key ring to lock and unlock everything. It’s important to note that new keys won’t be automatically added to the key ring. You must combine them one by one to keep your key ring up-to-date.

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