Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Perfect Assassin Build and Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can become a perfect assassin in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. If you’re one of the players who love stealth and silent kills, this guide is for you.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Perfect Assassin Guide

Getting Started

At the first couple of hours of ACO, stealth can be difficult to achieve. Unlike the previous AC games, this one contains a different kind of gameplay and by that means, enemies are looking face-to-face at camps, animals -somehow- see or hear you from distance and mercenaries know exactly where you are. This can make the assassin spirit fade away but do not worry, just be patient and wait for the abilities and upgrades you will achieve later on.

  • Since you’ll have a low level and low damage, try to stay out of sight of enemies in forts and leader houses. Bandit camps are near impossible to be silent on but my advice is focused on the bandit leader/elite enemy and assassinate him/her, so you can deal with the rest of the camp easily.
  • Always scan the area and uncover all the enemies with Ikaros so you can see where they looking, going and doing, with this free vision you can make your strategy. Do this preferably before you enter the area but you can also do that while in the area as well.
  • You can whistle and catch enemies’ attention to drag them to yourself and kill in bushes or behind walls. This is very useful in large areas.
  • You will see a brazier in every fort and sometimes in camps. These braziers are trappable and you should focus on the brazier first when you step into forts because most of the time there’s a sneak soldier running straight to the brazier to call backup and %95 of the time you won’t be seeing him. By setting a trap on the brazier, you can instant kill that sneak without even touching him. Most of the time, the brazier is standing alone without anyone guarding it so you can reach it easily.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey


  • To achieve perfect stealth gameplay, you’ll need assassin abilities. And the way to getting these abilities is to upgrade your spear and you can only upgrade it with the “mysterious fragment” that drops when you kill a cultist. You’ll need a specific amount of fragment every time you want to upgrade your spear and although some cultists require higher levels to kill, some of them can be killed easily on lower levels. Prioritize killing the cultists first, because you should make your spear as high level as possible to be a silent killer without having the need of reaching the end of the game. A leveled up spear will also deal more assassin damage.
  • Level up on various islands by killing animals, doing side quests etc. It will also give you the opportunity to slay anyone in the arena because unlike most of the enemies, the ones in the arena don’t level up as you do.
  • ALWAYS and ALWAYS hide bodies in large forts and camps. The moment when it’s detected by an enemy will destroy all the stealth combo you had until that moment. If you can, throw away from a cliff, hide in bushes and ponds and lakes or carry them to unvisited rooms if you are in leader houses.
  • Don’t go near to the mercenaries that have a bounty on you unless if your levels are close, kill them in a safe place. Most of the time you’ll be dealing with more than one mercenaries because of the game system that makes you the center of the world. You can simply avoid them by running away or immediately pressing the map key and paying all the bounty.
  • Unlock as much as the “?” on the map because discovering a new place gives you XP.
  • And the most useful advice; if you’re going to steal stuff or raid forts and camps, press the meditation key and do it at night. People in the cities are away and soldiers have a guard duty at night and sometimes 4-5 of them sleep next to each other so you can easily kill 5 of them.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin Abilities

There are a few assassin abilities that will help you throughout the game. Some of them doesn’t require a key assignment so you don’t have to unlock a second ability wheel to use them regularly.

Critical Assassination

Since now all the enemies are wearing heavy armors and even headshots can’t one-shot them, you’ll need multiple hits to kill them. Critical Assassination ability helps you here by allowing you to kill them behind with more damage you can deal. This ability is upgradeable and will come in handy more than you think if you’ll focus on upgrading it.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Shadow Assassin

If you’re a loot freak like me, this ability allows you to immediately loot the enemy you’ve just killed with assassination. This one also increases the critical damage of the assassination.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Stealth Master

By upgrading this ability, enemies’ sight and hearing range will be shorter so you can assassinate people without anyone noticing. But I still recommend you to act as this ability doesn’t exist because it’s not as effective as it sounds.

Rush Assassination

This ability is fundamental to becoming a fast and skilful assassin. You should unlock and sign this ability as soon as you’ll be at enough level. With this ability, you can assassinate up to 4 enemies (fully upgraded) without anyone noticing. By using it, you’ll be a master at it and prioritize the important and alone enemies first. The issue of enemies facing each other at camps will no longer be a problem because they will die in seconds at the same time.

A little trick about Rush Assassination: If an elite enemy doesn’t die with the first strike of the ability and left with a half health bar, rush to another enemy and come back to him. Some enemies can be killed with two strikes of this ability to focus on those enemies first and try to stay on the sight of that enemy while rushing to another.

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Death Veil

This ability unlocks around the end of the game but right after you use it, you’ll feel why you were struggling all this time and it was worth it. It doesn’t need to assign to any key. When you assassinate and kill an enemy, the enemy disappears immediately with no trail left behind but his weapon and shield. The other enemies don’t recognize the weapons and walk past so you won’t have to worry about hiding the bodies. This ability is the add-on to Shadow Assassin.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Useful Engravings

By completing in-game challenges, leveling up and using a specific weapon type for long enough, you’ll be able to engrave useful specialities for weapons and armors on you. These engravings will be available depending on your play style. I won’t be explaining every assassin engravings but I will list a few of them that I use. Some of them are legendary, some of them are not.

+% Movement Speed While Crouching

This can be engraved to boots and sometimes weapons. Since you’re going to be Greece’s most silent assassin, you’ll spend most of your time crouching. To increase your speed and kill combo, this engraving will come in handy.

+% Assassin Damage

You should think of increasing your assassin damage. This engraving will upgrade itself as you level up so you should check it out often at every blacksmith you see.

+% Damage on Assassin Abilities

If you’re using your assassin abilities, this engraving is necessary for you. But if you’re playing only with your critical assassination ability, you can pass this one. But I recommend using this one.

+% Headshot Damage

Although you can’t kill enemies with one headshot, you can kill animals and shielded enemies running towards you with a headshot. I personally use bows a lot and like to keep my distance between elites, I focus on their heads since their shields don’t cover their heads.


All I’ve pointed out won’t guarantee you a 100% stealth gameplay because the mechanics won’t allow it. But it will help you to be the most silent assassin you can be. Never forget to upgrade and engrave your weapons and armor frequently because there’s always a chance to screw up in your stealth combo and fight until your last breath. Hope this little guide will help you to achieve your desired stealth gameplay. Enjoy your day hiding in bushes.

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