Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – All Order Members Location Guide

There’s a total of 45 members of the Order that you can find in AC Valhalla. In this guide, we will be showing you where to find all of the Order members in the game.

Voden – (Zealents “Left Branch”)

It lives in the Kent region, the exact location is unknown since it moves on all roads. The best way to find Woden is to scan everyone on the road with a horse. When the scan is successful and the character is found, the Order mark (white icon) will appear on the map. Woden is level 220, equipped with a sword, smoke bombs, and firebombs.


The character is also in a random location and moves on a horse. You can find Haiki in Essex, some users manage to catch her east of Brentwood Outpost. Scan every girl on your way, or keep a close eye on the map – when she is about a hundred meters away, a mark will appear. She is level 250 and her equipment includes a sword, spear, and shield. Covers weapons with poison and can heal.


The third of the zealots rides along one of the main roads of the Hamptunshire location. Most often they find him between Winchester and Farnham – you can come there and wait a few minutes, which may lead to the appearance of the character. Level 340 Berktun, uses an ax during combat, is able to set weapons on fire, throw firebombs and a spear.


He rides along one of the random roads of Sussex, he is simply not to be found in the city, as well as on the plains or deserts. The main place of appearance is the roads that are shown on the world map. We recommend getting to the city of Crawley, in the vicinity of which the character was found. He is level 280, armed with an ax and gas bombs, can regenerate health.


A zealot that lives in Oxfordshire. Cuthbert travels on a horse, so he only appears on roads – don’t try to ride in places where there are no well-trodden roads (deserts, plains, mountains). The character is also absent from cities, but may be near them – Kurtbert was found to the west of Lunden. He is level 160, uses a spear in close combat, sometimes kicks. In addition, it throws poisonous bombs and is able to heal.


Found next to the previous character, so keep an eye on the main roads of Oxfordshire as well. After killing Cuthbert, head to the southwest, where Horsa was most often encountered. He is level 130 and moves on foot, not on a horse. In combat, Horsa uses an ax along with a throwing spear.


Zealot can be found on the roads of Lincolnshire. Appears randomly, it is not in the deserts and cities. Osgar is level 220, carries only a sword, does not use any additional skills or items in combat. Most users found it in the southern part of the region, we recommend checking places closer to the rivers.


Moves on horseback along the roads of Gruntebridgeshire. Due to constant traffic, it can be anywhere, so keep a close eye on the map, or scan every passerby. It is possible that his appearance will be in the south-east of Grentebridgeshire. If you enter combat, a level 90 character will use a sword with a shield and smoke bombs.

Bertsidzh – (Zealents “Right Branch”)

Character level 280, travels around the Gloucestershire region. It can only be found on well-trodden roads, do not look for it in desert areas or in the city itself. Move towards the Cache of Thieves – Beortsig should definitely appear next to it, so constantly track the map. Uses a spear that is also capable of throwing. Kicks, throws fire bombs.


Constantly travels on horseback along the traced roads of Shiropshire, which are marked on the map. His appearance is a completely random event, but you can try to find a level 160 character closer to the Abbey in Wenlocan. A heavy opponent, as he uses a spear at a long and close distance, and also knows how to restore his health.


He rides a horse on the roads – mainly along the rivers. It is located between several regions at once: Jorvikshire and Lincolnshire. Explore the rivers near those areas, you can see the character either on the map or after a successful scan. Has level 90, fights with a sword and can heal himself.


Rides a horse on any road in Jorvikshire, but does not enter deserts or cities. He has level 280, so it can be difficult to attack. If you want to track the character, then look at the map, because near 300 meters a white mark of the Order will appear. During the battle, he uses a sword with a bow. Often inflicts poison on arrows and weapons.


The character has level 90, he, like the rest, moves on a horse in an absolutely random place. But it can be found on one of the roads of Gruntebridgeshire. Try to catch Eoforwyn in the northeastern part of the region. When you engage in combat with him, the character will use a sword and shield. In addition, it throws gas bombs and regenerates.


Go to the Ledecestershire location, where you need to explore all the roads that are marked on the map. The appearance of the character is random, but do not look for him in the cities or the desert. We recommend viewing the area near Alcester Monastery and Venonia. Redwald will appear on the map if you get closer than 300 meters to it. Armed with a sword, shield and firebombs.


The last zealot lives in East Anglia. Moves with the horse, you need to look for it on the main roads – not in the desert or the city. We recommend moving to the southwestern part of England, where Wuffa may be located. She is level 160, equipped with a spear, can kick and set weapons on fire.

Johannes Lucas (Oil) – (Left branch of Guardians of the Faith)

After you kill Hrothgar, then go to the farm of Henge, located in Hamptunshire on a hilly area near Stonehenge. The note is on the table next to the binge mini-game. Next, go to the pig farm of Readingum Abbey in the northeastern part of the same region. Search the wooden well near the pigs – you need to break the lid and go down to the bottom, where the last note lies. Then you can go to the Ruins of Faernhamm, there are old stables, behind which Oil usually sleeps.

Haika from Friesland (Sickle)

After killing Woden, you will be given the first clue – you need to head to the camp next to the saltworks in Muldoon on the east coast of the Essex location. The second piece of paper lies in a two-story barn next to the chest. You can get into the building by climbing onto the barn from the back side and shooting the door lock with a bow to break the bolt. Climb to the second floor and take the paper. Next, head to Colchester, in the western part of which there is a market – the Sickle lives there.

Benesek of Bath (The Bell)

When you kill Berktun, you will be given the first clue – you need to head to the Ember River in the center of Sussex, there is an enemy camp (outpost). Search the blockade building near the river, in one of the rooms there should be a chest and a special mechanism. To knock down the bolt on the door, you need to go up to the second floor, where you will see a metal grate – shoot it with a bow to knock down the lock and have the opportunity to enter the room. The bell will now appear in the menu of the Order, he lives in the monastery of Brimcliffska in the south of Sussex. If you try to kill the Bells up close, he will run away, and the guards will protect the cultist. We recommend using a bow and arrows.

Hilda (Feather)

It is impossible to find the Feather on your own, because the cultist is killed only during the main mission. Complete the Winchester Rip the Feather mission, after which Hilda will be defeated.

Selwyn (Loop)

The quest to kill the Loop is also located in Winchester. The quest is called Strangle the Noose, after which you can eliminate the cultist.

Ealfert (Sachs)

Another cultist who can only be killed during the passage of the story mission.

Havelock (Halberd) – (Upper left branch of “Guardians of Wealth”)

You will have the initial clue after killing Osgar. You will need to head to the small village of Elfgarstun, located in Lincolnshire. In one of the open houses there is a piece of paper that lies on a barrel – scan the premises so that the hint lights up. Halberd lives in the city of Lincoln, or rather, in the northwest of it. To kill the character, you need to get into his house near the Lincoln City Hall.

Patrick (Anvil)

The first clue you get after killing Cuthbert, or the cultist of the Scabbard. You will be directed to the eastern borders of Oxfordshire to the lands of Alban Abbey, which is located a little north of Luden. There are old ruins near which you need to search the forge in the open air – the second clue is on the table. The anvil is near Oxenford’s forge, head to the southwest wharf. Patrick will work near the building or sleep in the house.

Mutsel (Cutter)

When you kill Horse, you will be given the first clue to the location of the Cutter. Move to the north of Oxfordshire, there is Buckingham’s tavern. In order for you to have a hint, you need to defeat one character in the dice, the number of attempts is not limited. After the victory, head to the sealed room in Eaton Barn near Oxenford.

You can get into the room by organizing a passage in the mountainside with the help of oil. When the hole is made, you need to move forward to the room. You will see a statue behind which is a large stone – by moving it, you take away the third clue. Next, return to the tavern in Buckingham to find the Cutter – he most often sits near the river, where he reads a book.

Gifl (Spear)

When Wuff’s zealot is defeated, you will be given a hint – you need to inspect a high tower in East Anglia, just north of Nordvik. This tower is a synchronization point, so the search will be fast. At the base of the building there is a cart, where another clue lies.

Next, you need to visit the robber camp – it is located in the same England, between the village of Thetford and the British Watch. The watch is called the point of synchronization, and the camp itself is nameless. When the clues are collected, you can head to the cultist, who lives in the forest Refuge in the southwestern region of England.


Passing the plot quest in Grentebridgeshire “Isle of Or” you will need to kill Wigmund. You cannot cancel or skip the task, so you need to defeat the cultist in any case.

Bishop Herefrith (Staff)

You can kill the Staff in the story part of the game, and the moment of death depends only on the player. When you play the story chapter “In the Absence of the Eldormer” in Lincolnshire, you will need to appoint a new ruler. The choice will be between Herefrit, Hunvald and Elfgar. If you point to anyone other than the Bishop, then he will immediately be marked as a member of the Order and in the future it will be possible to kill the character anywhere. But in the case of a vote for Herefrit, the task will be completed, and the mark will appear a little later.

Eanbert (Parchment) – (Top right branch of “Guardians of the Law”)

After killing the Zealot Beortsig, you will be given a clue about the whereabouts of the cultist. You need to inspect the Cache of Thieves, which is a fortress camp on a hilltop in the central part of Gloucestershire. Find a large round house with a straw roof – it contains the second clue. The only way to enter the building is through the bottom. When the exact location is known, go to the pier in the southern part of Gloucestershire – there will be a Parchment in the house, you can climb into the building through the roof window.

Tata (Sting)

When Wildmer is defeated, you will be given the first clue – you need to inspect the destroyed tower, which is the point of synchronization. It is located near Cowstow Castle, on the southwestern border of the Shiropshire region. In the center of this tower there is a small window – climbing there, you will see your hint. To find the Sting, you will need to go to the Quatford stables, next to which Tata is located.

Gunilla (Teslo)

When you successfully complete the fight with Cola by winning, you will be given a hint that will direct you to the Ledecestershire Roman ruins of the city of Ledecester. To get the next clue, you need to win the local drinking contest. After the end of the duel, head to the small village of Kveornrik in the west of the region, there you need to find a house with a chest, where the clue lies. To kill the cultist, you need to arrive at the Repton Wharf, where Tesla will live.

Abbess Ingeborg (Smut)

Start playing the storyline in Jorvik so that you have the opportunity to kill the Abbess. The quest itself is called “Burn the Smut” and the character will be killed anyway, because the quest cannot be canceled.

Gregory (Needle)

You can meet the cultist when completing the story quest in Jorvik. When performing “Pierce the Needle”, you will have the opportunity to kill Gregory, and you cannot choose a different plot twist.

Audun (Stash)

When the task “Cover the Cache” begins in Jorvik, you will need to kill Audun according to the prompts that the game will automatically give. We will not have the option to cancel or skip the quest.

Kietvi the Violent – (Warguard Right Branch)

He is the boss in the storyline, which will take place in Norway. You will need to conquer your first fortress (at the very beginning of the game), where Kietvi will live. It is impossible to avoid or skip the task


In order for the location of the cultist to be known, you need to build offices of the Invisibles in your own settlement, after which a mark will appear on the world map. Leofgifu will be located by the river next to a military camp in the northeast of Grentebridgeshire.

Junta, son of Junta

The location of the cultist also opens after the appearance of the office of the Unseen. When the necessary building is ready, the Junta will be marked on the world map – in Ledecester on the market square.

Frideswide’s sister (Leech)

When you get to the Lunden story quests, you will receive the task “Bleed the Leech”, in which you will kill the Leech in the suggested way. The arc is impossible to miss, as well as killing the Leech outside the quest.

Avgos Spearhand (Arrow)

During the quest in Lunden “Shadows on the Walls” you will get rid of one of the cultists – the Arrow. If you try to find and destroy Avgos not during the mission, then nothing will come of it.

Vicelin (Compass)

The last cultist in the Lunden storyline, after which the chapter of the entire branch will open to you. Task with the murder of Vicelin – “Break the Compass”. Cancellation of the task or killing outside the quest is impossible.

Sister Bloodsweet (Rake) – (Lower Branch)

After successfully eliminating all six cultists that are in the lower left branch, you will unlock the kill of Sister Bledsweet. There is no need to look for clues to locate the character, the character will immediately appear on the map in the Kent region, northwest of the city of Canterbury.

Tatfried (Lyre)

Having dealt with all the cultists of the upper left branch, Lyra will open to you, the location of which will be immediately known. Head to the merchant in the east of the Gruntebridgeshire region in the town of Grentebridge, Tutfried can also perform on stage.

Fulke (Instrument)

When completing quests in Sussex, you will have the opportunity to kill the Tool during the attack on the castle. The task will be called “The Siege”, it cannot be canceled or skipped, because it is a story one.

Reeve Derby (Vise)

Once you’ve finished killing all six cultists from the top right branch, you’ll have Reeve’s icon active and be able to track him across the map. The character is located near the waterfall of the village of Pickering – it is in the eastern part of Jorvikshire.

Gorm Ketvisson (Kiel)

When the lower right branch is completely closed, then you need to talk to Haytham – he will give a special task “In a strange land”, after which you need to talk to Randvi and select an alliance card. After scrolling the map to the very end, a new region will appear there – Vinland.

To go there, you need to talk to a woman at the pier of your settlement. There will be two quests in Vinland, after which Gorm will be dead. Keel is not displayed on the map as a cultist, you need to find it yourself. He lives in one of the military camps, or rather, in Narfljed.


The father is the head of all cultists, who can only be dealt with after killing the previous characters and, in addition, completing the quests in Hamptunshire. To get the Father’s location, talk to Haytham, who will give you a hint and the quest “Poor Warrior of Christ”. The father will be in the small town of Elethana.

During the passage, a cut-scene will appear in which you can see the Grand Master, and after killing you will be awarded medallions. In Ravensthorpe, you give the reward to Higham, for which you will receive several skills, additional upgrades and a cloak of a thor. You will also most likely unlock fast travel.

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