Assassins Guild Achievement Walkthrough Guide

A step-by-step guide with achievements in chronological order.

Assassins Guild Achievement Walkthrough

Enter the bar on the bottom right

Talk to the bartender (from the counter, not from his right), drink 5 times


Play the game, guess correctly (right)

Win in circles

Leave the bar, go in the left door, talk to the guys there and you will be transported to a village

Talk to the fisherman on the left (“yes”, “kill the robbers”)
Enter the house with a red roof, read the book in the top right, and puzzle answer “FLOWER”
Interact with the vase in the bottom part of the house
Leave the house and go north
click the 6 beetles on various trees in this area

Beetles in the forest
Secret Achievement

Look for stones that form a circle, interact with the red mushroom on the right side, flowers on the left, chest at the bottom

Secret Chest
Secret Achivement

Try to go to the north gates, then take the left path, knock on the mushroom house door to get a key, return to the village and go west
Enter the house, read the blue book, leave the house, and go to the bottom right path
Interact with the dock to do a fishing mini-game and catch 3 fish in which you’ll find the other key
Return to the north gates
Use the bush to kill the guard
When the second guard is looking right, go to his left to kill him
Interact with the middle tent, go to the fence and interact, then go up to the leader tent.

Death of the Robbers
Complete first mission

Now you are inside the city, enter the bar up north and get 3 different drinks from the bartender

Drink everything
Secret Achievement

Enter the house on the left, next to the bell.
Kill the guard, search him for the key,

If you are playing for achievements, skip this part:
Enter the door to the right and up, kill the guard, get the flint
Back down, interact with the torch 4 times to clear out the way
Inside, take the barrel lid in the bottom right, put it on the left barrel and remove the right barrel’s lid, search the body in the cell to get bloody ring.
Wash the ring in the room where you found the flint.
Inspecting it reveals the number

Use 781126 at the statue near the first guard you killed to get the blue key and wire cutters.
Interact with the jail cell and search for the corpse to get a key.
Open the doors and get the golden key in the chest.
Go right using the golden key

Enter the first door on the right

Get the lever and key fragment from the chest
Leave and use the lever on the left to cross the bridge and enter the door

Take the lock key and key fragment from the chest
Leave, go down and to the right to open the locked door and enter the new door
Get a key fragment from the chest and spam click the top right wall to avoid the spike trap
Now you can open the door up north with the 3 key fragments

No Magic
Complete second mission

Go in the right door, light 6 candles and take the key from the middle
Go in the left door, interact with the statue on the right of the red chair to get a key
Enter the middle door

Chase sequence
Go in the left door, hide in the wardrobe, take the key from the bottom table
Leave and go to the right door
At the clock, input 1215645 to get the pendulum
Leave and use the pendulum on the clock to get a key that opens the top right room
From that room pull out the lever
Put the lever on the left to enter the bookcase
Use code 2595 to escape the chase sequence

Not every armor is strong
Complete third mission

Take a key fragment from the fireplace, leave the room and enter the middle door

The end of Council
Kill Boss

Finish game

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