Astro Colony Controls Guide for PC

Astro Colony

This guide covers the complete list of Astro Colony controls and keyboard shortcuts for Windows PC. Astro Colony is a resource management and simulation video game developed and published by Terad Games. The game is currently in its early access on Steam as of writing.

Astro Colony Controls

The following are the default Astro Colony key bindings. You can change and remap these default controls in Setting > Controls tab.

Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
Fly UpSpacebar
Fly DownLeft Alt
TurboLeft Shift
Break / ControlLeft Ctrl
Turn LeftLeft Arrow
Turn RightRight Arrow
Select / Construct / ExtractLeft Mouse Button
Open / InspectE
Close MenuEsc
Interact / PossessF
Leave / UnpossessQ
CancelRight Mouse Button
RemoveCtrl + Right Mouse Button
Remove SelectedDel
Rotate LeftCtrl + R
Rotate RightR
Selection / NoneQ
Jetpack StationaryX
Options / PauseEsc
Guide BookG
Category 1F1
Category 2F2
Category 3F3
Category 4F4
Category 5F5
Category 6F6
Category 7F7
Slot 11
Slot 22
Slot 33
Slot 44
Slot 55
Slot 66
Slot 77
Slot 88
Quick SaveF8
Quick LoadF9
Astro Colony Controls

This is everything that we know about the default Astro Colony controls.

One of the controls listed above is the Quick Save feature, where you can easily save your progress with just a single click. But did you know that Astro Colony has an autosave feature? By default, your progress is saved every 5 minutes. However, you can change this autosave interval in the game. Check out the video below for the tutorial.