Attack on Titan Episode 58 Air Date

Attack on Titan Episode 58 Air Date

With the series of unexpected revelations happening in Attack on Titan Season 3, you should take note the Attack on Titan Episode 58 air date. Right now, the series will be going back in the past as the memories of Grisha and Owl continues in the upcoming episode.

Just to help you prepare for the upcoming events, the following content contains a bit of spoiler. After saving Grisha from Major Gross, Owl demonstrates the power of a titan and also revealed his real identity. How will this event affect the upcoming fights for the remaining Survey Corps?

Attack on Titan Episode 58 Release Date

As revealed on the official website, Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2 Episode 9 will be released on June 24th at 00:10 (JST). That’s the usual release date of the anime in Japan. Knowing that Japan time is ahead, Attack on Titan fans living in the US or UK can watch the anime on June 23rd, Sunday.

In addition to the air date announcement, Attack on Titan Episode 58 synopsis and episode title is already available. Attack on Titan Episode 58 is called The Attack on Titan” which a short summary of “The memories left by Grisha. Among them, Grisha is entrusted with a specific mission…”

Make sure to be the first to watch the latest episode by keeping an eye from the official anime distributor like Crunchyroll and Funimation. We already published the Attack on Titan Episode 58 spoilers and if you can’t wait to see the upcoming events, make sure to check this link.

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