Backrooms Escape Together The Lobby Walkthrough Guide

Comprehensive walkthrough guide for Level 0: “The Lobby” in Backrooms: Escape Together.

Note: If you are new to the game or unfamiliar with its mechanics, please refer to my previous Steam guide in this series, titled “How to Play Backrooms: Escape Together” (coming soon).

Starting the Level

Upon commencing Level 0, players will find themselves inside a moving elevator. As the elevator comes to a halt, the doors will open, allowing players to enter The Lobby. Relevant control information will be displayed for the players.

Note: To access the menu and view your objectives, controls, and other details, press the ‘Esc’ key.

A typical view of Level 0.

Objective: Record Event

The initial two goals listed in the objectives will involve capturing specific events or entities using your in-game camera.

Certain objectives will focus on a single event, such as “Recording the pitfalls,” while others may involve a combination of multiple events, for example, “Recording a Smiler on the pitfalls.”

Note: To activate Camera mode, press the ‘C’ key on your keyboard. While in Camera mode, simply ensure that the desired event is within your field of view to instantly complete the objective by recording it.

Known Event Types

  • Capture footage during a blackout, which occurs when the lights go out.
  • Record a scene during an alarm, characterized by the flashing of red lights and the sound of an alarm.
  • Document the pitfalls, referring to the section of Level 0 that consists of a grid of square holes where players can potentially fall in.
  • Capture footage of a smiler, a dark cloud entity with a distinctive bright white smiling face.
  • Record the presence of the bacteria, representing the tall and spindly entity that poses a threat to the player’s life.
  • Any combination of two events mentioned above can be recorded to fulfill the objective.

The Lobby during an alarm.

Objective: Collect VHS Tapes

The third and ultimate objective in Level 0 is to gather a specific quantity of VHS tapes. These tapes are scattered randomly throughout the map, lying on the ground.

Note: To collect a VHS tape, position your view directly on the tape and press the ‘F’ key on your keyboard.

In a single-player scenario, you will need to collect 8 tapes. However, this number increases by 1 for each additional player present in the lobby. For instance, if there are 3 players in the lobby, the required number of tapes will be 10.


Once all three objectives have been successfully fulfilled (you will notice that they are grayed out in the menu), the player’s next step is to return to the original elevator they entered from.

It’s important to note that the bacteria entity is unable to enter the elevator, ensuring a safe passage for the player.

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