Backstage Pass Achievements Guide and Tips

Unnecessarily detailed dissection of the game. All interesting data collected straight from the game code, sorted, organised and put together into one little neat google doc. Why? I don’t know. It’s a passion project.


So, when I said everything, I meant EVERYTHING. That includes, but not limited to:

  • sheet for every character with all possible events, conditions to trigger them, which events grant CG and on which condition, all character endings conditions, initial stats, dialogue options, dates, preferred gifts and clothes. And, most importantly, how much points gained – in numbers! Main 4 dudes have 2 types of points – friendship (fp) and romance (xp); side characters with routes only have 1 type of points (xp or fp). Whether you’ll get on character’s path, if certain event triggers or which ending you’ll get – everything depends on those points. And now you’ll be able to just count how much points you need and what to do to get them!
  • conditions for independent endings;
  • events for side characters (with conditions and effects);
  • all shops inventory with prices and effects;
  • how to unlock some locations and what effect those locations have;
  • all cupcakes recipes and who likes/dislikes them (with points, of course);
  • how exactly your success/failure at activities calculated, how that affect outcome and some activities events;
  • on which weeks certain event guaranteed to happen.

So yeah, a lot. Few warnings:

  1. some events are in code, but there’s no condition for them to occur, so they are effectively impossible to trigger. I still included them, just in case. They are marked with (??) in conditions.
  2. some character events are on other character’s pages. That’s because these events can only occur on that other character path.
  3. there can be only 1 work event and 1 character event per week (so you won’t trigger them all at once).
  4. there’re some “ghost” variables in code. Like makeup_skill, allison_fp, rachel_fp, work_xp, starpower, confidence etc. They are here, but they don’t affect anything.
  5. I don’t know if it’s obvious, but “/” means “or”. So adam_xp+5/adam_xp+2 means xp+5 or xp+2.
  6. it’s a lot easier to just focus on 1 character at the time. So just save on first choice and skip everything you already read.
  7. you can savescum if you wanted to. For example, you have study->exercise in your schedule. Save on animation “study” and if after that you fail your “exercise”, just reload for, hopefully, better result.
  8. grind exercise as fast as you can. When it’s >250, any activity will cost just 1 fatigue and you can concentrate on stats you need.

Achievements guide

If you’re just interested in achievements, here they are:


Dropped out of college.

(Just sleep all day, every day, weekends too)

Uneventful Year

Ended the year in the same place you began.

(You’ll get this on Alone ending)

All by Myself

Got the alone ending at least five times.

(Save when you’ve got Alone ending and replay it 5 times)

Famous on the Internet

Became an online celebrity.

Life of a Pro

Became a producer.

Moving Up

Became an online celebrity.

Palm Tree

Got the best end in Adam’s friendship and romance routes.


Got the best end in Alvin’s route.

Knight of Ages

Got the best end in John’s friendship and romance routes.


Got the best end in Lloyd’s route.

Magic Boy

Got the best end in Benito’s friendship and romance routes.

Golden Princess

Got the best end in Nicole’s route.

Golden Prince

Got the best end in Matthew’s friendship and romance routes.

Seen it All

Unlocked every ending.

Model Student

Ended the year with a 4.0 GPA.

(Really easy to get. Just tutor and study. Or go to cafe to study. Alvin’s route is easiest to get this.)

All about the Money

Ended the year with tons of money.

(Tons means 3000+. Relatively easy to get on Alvin’s route. Complete all the jobs, get tutor job, work as much as possible, spend as little as possible)

Good at Everything

Maxed out all stats.

(Also not as hard as it seems. One of the independent endings or Alone ending are perfect for this one. Get physical to 250+ first, then do every activity at least once. Buy all boosting items. Try to win award (fashion 240+), it will give boost to popularity. And buy webcam ASAP, also for popularity. Don’t bother with intellect, it gets maxed out on it’s own. Grade doesn’t count for this achievement.)


Bought every item.

(Save on your All about the Money run, buy everything. Don’t forget to unlock GameGo. Your shopping spree will cost you 3897$)

Baking Champion

Filled Sian’s cookbook with every cupcake recipe.

(There’re 11. Have to do it on one run. Will cost you 165$.)

Fashion Forward

Bought every article of clothing.

(Probably the hardest achievement. Clothes change every season, so you’ll have to buy everything available before season changes. Halloween costumes too. Do it on one Alone run or Alvin’s run, take all jobs in the beginning, always work, savescum lottery if you have to. You’ll need 985$ for autumn, 810$ for winter, 900$ for spring and 780$ for summer.)

Congrats on your 100% completion!

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