Banners of Ruin Achievements Walkthrough

This guide will be showing you how to unlock and get all achievements in Banners of Ruin.


Complete the Tutorial

Just complete the tutorial. Not hard at all.

Cleaning Up

Defeat 3 enemies in a single turn

This can be done in the Tutorial. If you don’t get it there, a Weasel duo can get this easily in the first street.


Defeat the Elite Bruisers

Beat the First Street Boss. This can be a tough Bear named Sledge, or a venomous Mouse named Spitter.

Sledge hits harder the longer he’s on the field, like most other Bear enemies. He has more health than Street One Bears and that’s about it.

Spitter is a run killer if you don’t have good decks or armour already. the constant Poison ticks are horrible, on top of the attacks.

For Sledge, I recommend positioning one tanky character in the front rank and letting the rest hang back.

For Spitter, it won’t matter unless your passives / deck dictate it to be so.


Defeat the Elite Brutes

Defeat the second Boss. This can either be Blister, a Juggernaut from the next level, or Gritsalt, the Docks Salter.

Blister, being a Juggernaut, negates damage from attacks at or below 5 damage. He also comes supported by a Bannerman, a character that forces you to Banish the first card played on your turn until they are killed.

Gritsalt comes supported by enemies that will force your characters to only attack them, and can turn any debuff applied to him to Charge, making him very dangerous.

For Blister, prioritize the Bannerman unless you want to Banish your cards.

For Gritsalt, if you have a debuff-reliant deck, focus his lackeys first. Otherwise, focus Gritsalt.

The Warden

Defeat The Warden

Beat the Final Boss…. or is he?

The Warden is unfair. Any damage from a single hit that deals 25 damage or more, has the damage above 25 turned to armour. He can’t be bled or poisoned until he is under 60 armour. his attacks also do high damage, cleanse debuffs, apply harsh debuffs, and occasionally he’ll deal damage based on his armour. Oh, and he gets a Bannerman as support (Banish first card each turn).

While you don’t need to do exactly what he does or says, the principal is the same: get good gear, cards, and talents, get CARD DRAW and get Stamina.

Kill the Bannerman first and everything else should come easily.

For my own runs, I’ve won by having some kind of powerhouse on my team; once with a Wolf with double Sever (half enemy Max Vitality as Vitality damage), and another time with 3 weasels spamming Concealed Blades and other characters with Never Forget (deal 4 damage per Banished card), Arterial Rupture ( 3 damage per stack of Bleed on target), and Weak Spot (Deal 4 damage to Vitality per stack of Vulnerable).


Hire a character at the tavern

You need minimum 450 florens (ingame currency) to do this. The opportunity will come guranteed at the Tavern event before a Boss, or in a random event.

    Here are the events that can lead to a new recruit:

  • Tavern (guaranteed before boss, 450 – 600fl on 1st, 850-1150fl on 2nd, 2250+ on 4rd)
  • Squabbles (Free recruit of one of two Beavers. Very rare to spawn.)
  • The League (Pick from 2 for 450fl, or pick a weapon and two talents, each from 3 for 850fl)
  • Innkeeper (has the option to recruit from 3 choices for 300fl.)
  • Axe Throwers (If you are down to one character, they will offer a free Recruit. NOTE: Haven’t tested with any other number of characters.)

Band of Brothers

Reach a party of 6 characters

Basically, don’t let characters die. And get lucky with recruiting events. (See Recruiter for details on Recruiting events).

You can attempt to streamline this some by finding a Token that gives money on card use, or have a Weasel get the Passive that gives 5fl each time they attack.


Banish 10 cards in a single combat

Easily done with Weasels and their Racial ability. Just level them up and you’ll get it easy.

Alternatively, an Expert Bow or a Wolf with the Duelist passive can do.


Reach 40 or more cards in your deck

Not difficult at all. Just keep claiming card rewards.


Win 50 combats

This comes with time. Not difficult, just time consuming.


Apply 30 Poison in a single combat

Somewhat hard. Weasels have it the easiest, as they have Passives and Talents that revolve around Poison.

    Here’s a quick list of some of the best ways:

  • Toxic (Taking damage applies a random poison)
  • Plagued (Playing a card with the character applies a random Poison)
  • Potion Master (Weasel passive that doubles poison applied)
  • Suphuric Bomb (Weasel Talent; applies 5 poison or 10 poison after a turn)
  • Plagueis (Applies poison to adjacent enemies equal to stacks on enemy card was used on. This is by far the most OP for this achievement.)

Adrenaline & Quick Hands

These 2 Achievements go hand in hand:

Reach 10 Stamina during combat

Play 20 cards in a single turn

There’s already a wonderful for this but I’ll summarise it here:

  • Get some Weasels
  • Rank up their Stamina at every opportunity
  • Fight all battles
  • Get many Florens
  • Get Loremaster Talent on character
  • Get Card Draw Passives and Talents
  • ????
  • Profit

You don’t NEED to do everything in the list. I was able to get it done with no Loremaster, But I had 3 Weasles with lots of stamina and Will thanks to some Passives and Butcher Ruin cards.

Note that Butcher cards are Iris DLC only.

Charged Up

Have 30 or more Charge during combat

There are many ways to gain Charge. The trick is earning it on one character.

Most of this is down to luck, but here’s some important notes:

  • Bless gives 10 Charge.
  • The Mouse has an ability that gives charge based on the amount of hits their next attack does.
  • Warcry gives Charge based on Weapon Damage
  • The Bear’s Talent ‘All or Nothing’ gives half his defence as Charge. Get it to 60 armour, that’s it.


(SECRET) Forfeit a character card choice

You can come across this naturally, but you are not likely to.

When leveling up, simply choose to forfeit a Passive / Talent. Easily done on a new run that can be abandoned straight after.


Win a combat with a combined Party Vitality of 3 or less

Can come naturally, but rarely.

Easiest way is, as explained by Parrallel Platypus in his guide on Adrenaline and Quick Hands, to start a new game with one character, kill one enemy in the first fight, and then defend until your health is low enough. Easy.


Congratulations if you’ve gotten all the Achievements! Now that you’ve beaten the Warden once, you’ll no doubt have noticed the plethora of new things to do; bounty hunters to kill, Challenge runs for new unlocks, and the REAL Final Boss!

Good luck. Because in the dying world of BoR, you don’t want to be added to the pile of cropses.

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